Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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It's back to basics...

With Some Basically Painted Bases.

Glad ya made it folks and folkettes.
Okedoke then, simple paintwork with some nice results...and no one more surprised than I.

Lisette base first.
Already primed so a quick dusting off mit der airline.
Then a goodly laying on of Tamiya acrylic deep green via air powered paint slinger.

Exposed stone gone over with Vallejo ochre brown.
Then a drybrush in Vallejo yellow ochre.
Final touch over in yellow ochre/white mix.

The tree exposed roots and stump done in a base of Vallejo burnt umber.
A light dry brush lick with Vallejo tan earth to finish.

Lastly a two stage drybrush with some deep green/white.
Then another with some deep green and a bit more white.

All sorted there.
So a goodly going over with Xtracrylix satin varnish and left alone to fully cure.
Once done, out with the Promodeller dark dirt wash.
It clings just a wee bit less to satin surfaces than it does matt and the target here being not a full on overall darkening coat.
A generous all over coat and let dry.
Or like I did and have at it with the hairdryer set to 'mega fast wash curing' mode.
Once sorted a fairly brisk rub ove3r with the spit dampened paper towel.

And a final fix down with Vallejo matt varnish.

Aye, that'll take care of that.
So the over spray cleaned out of the gluing points, cellulose thinners on q-tip job there.
Likewise on the boot stubs and brass rod on Lisette.
Mucho epoxy placed about where it should be and she be sorted!

On to the lump of real estate the Alayne stands nicely upon.
Ready primed so a generous coat of Tamiya NATO green didst get slung all over.
Once all set nicely, the stones got some Vallejo desert yellow treatment.
With a desert yellow/white mix drybrush of course.

Out again with the NATO green and some green/white and then green/more white drybrush.
Fallen tree branches/roots/whatever they are picked out in Vallejo burnt umber and tan earth.

A decent squirt of Xtracrylix satin vanish and once dry, in the with dark dirt wash.
All dry and given the spit dampened paper towel rub down.

And lastly the matt varnish coat.

And as with Lisette, there was much wiping of over spray with the thinners soaked q-tip.
A last dollop of the epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk and it was all good.

And that as they say is that for the build thing.
Galleries proper at the following linky type button things:

Thanks for stopping by to watch this round of hellhole hoo-ha people, always a pleasure to have ya visit.
That's all from my quarter for now.
You lot take good care of yaselves and go easy out there now.

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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