Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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All airbrush antics..

And Paintbrush Pandemonium A Plenty!

Whatho gang!
Well it's about time to get serious about the paintwork so here we do go.
Now I decided to attack the small detail and separate body parts first.
These be the sheathed daggers each lass has,
The arrow quiver, arrow for the bow, boots and the front and back skirt like things for Alayne.
Not forgetting the rather sizable sword for Lisette.
Well first up, the boots, skirt parts and daggers were given a spray up of base colour.
The boots and skirt had Tamiya acrylic XF-26 deep green thrown at 'em.
The dagger and quiver for Alayne got the Vallejo acrylic mahogany.
The dagger for Lisette got some enamel medium blue gray.

Now Alayne, going by the box art, has a multiple shades of green clothing theme going on so fair call.
The skirt parts and boots got a light going over in the creases with some Xtracrylix RAF dark green.
Then some detail painting with a mixture of Tamiya NATO green and varying amounts of Vallejo foundation white.
The paints seem to mix ok with no fuss so good enough for me.
A dab of Vallejo rich gold to the circle thing on the back skirt piece just to break it up a wee bit.

Once all dry, the skirt and boots were given a going over with some Promodeller dark dirt wash and cleaned up.

A quick squirt of Vallejo matt varnish sealed the wash.
And then some furious drybrushing with some Tamiya deep green/Vallejo foundation white mixture took place.

The quiver and dagger for Alayne has some nice engraved scroll work.
This was picked out in Vallejo green gold and some drybrushing of Vallejo mahogany to clear up.

The quiver has a closed up fabric top so that got some RAF dark green slapped on for a base.
The bottom end of the quiver and ring between the green top and body picked out in acrylic brass.
The stud like things on the quiver body and tie cord done in Vallejo white gold.
The tie cord ends were picked out in Vallejo carmine red.
Then the top, either side of the top ring and the engraved line around the bottom had the Promodeller dark dirt and black wash treatment.
A clean up and light coating in Xtracrylix satin varnish.
Finally a light green drybrush for the top green part.

And that'll take care of that.
So to the daggers, The one for Alayne had some red gold in the scabbard scroll work.
The metal top and bottom in rich gold, the hilt and pommel in brass.
The grip just a mahogany/black mix.
Again the black wash/cleanup/satin varnish action then the gold and brass metal work gone over in gloss varnish.
Same sort of deal for Lisette's side arm except the metal work in white gold, scroll work in red gold.
The hilt/pommel in white gold/copper mix just to be different..

Black wash, clean, seal, gloss varnish to the appropriate points and done

None too shabby so onward!
Not to the big sword for Lisette.
Simple enough deal, mix of 50/50 Humbrol enamel polished steel and polished aluminium.
Airbrush applied and buffed up.
The scrollwork on the blade picked out with blackwash and cleaned up.
The grip was an acrylic mahogany/black mix with black wash.
Al varnish sealed then the hilt and pommel in acrylic brass.
A light going over with enamel silver along what would be the edge of the blade and done.

Finally, the arrow for the bow.
Following the basic destructions in the kit, trim the resin fletching's and arrow head.
A small depression drilled in the appropriate ends and fix to a length of the supplied plastic rod.

And a quick test fit is in order.

Looks about righteous to me so paintwork time.
The fletching's done in foundation white with wash shading.
The shaft in acrylic dark mahogany and the head in polished steel.

And that's pretty much the bits and pieces done.
Last bit for this update, the ladies themselves were given their starting flesh tone paint.
Vallejo acrylic base flesh tone airbrushed in about three coats.

And that's them all readied up for the shading shenanigans.
That to come next update folks and folkettes so i'll see thee then!
You merry lot go easy out there now.

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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