Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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Pastel chalk pounding, paintbrush pushing...

And Much Waving About Of The Airbrush Thing.

Welcome back all!
Time that it is for getting Lisette all painted up dontchaknow.

But first, a little footwork cleanup.
The booted feet of the aforementioned lass fit into the base like so...

Bit of a gap but...
A touch of the PVA mould release, a dab of quick setting auto body filler
and some stippling action with an old toothbrush sorted that.

So that done, to business of the paint variety.
The drawer of paint was duly consulted...

Well that lot should help a bit with any luck.

So the base flesh tome was sorted some time back so it's shading time.
So airbrush powered up and done in order:
Base flesh,
Vallejo medium flesh,
Vallejo light flesh.
Then in with the ground pastel chalks of dark red brown and medium brown.
Final run round with Vallejo dark earth wash style for the fine lines around the minimal clothing.
Finally some thinned Xtracrylix satin varnish airbrushed on to seal.

And apologies in advance for the colour hue change in the pics...
Me old WiP pic camera just don't wanna play nice sometimes.

Just a very slight sheen to the skin which is about what I was after.
So that bit as sorted as need be for now.

The clothing as such was then brush painted old style with Tamiya XF-82 RAF Ocean gray 2.
Which went on without fuss.
These areas were then outlined in Tamiya Flat blue with just a smidgen of black added.
A quick blow over to remove dust.
The blue clothing was then shaded with bush applied dark wash in the creases.
Once dry, the clothing was then given a gentle drybrush with Xtracrylix RAF light aircraft grey.
Last but by no means least, a single coat of Xtracrylix satin varnish mixed with some pearlescent blue watercolour.
Just to add a wee bit of shimmer so to speak.

And this round of fun. sun and suffering in the hellhole is continued on the next page so away with thee and i'll see ya there!

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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