Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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Airbrush, paintbrush, pastel powder...

And Some Above Average Teeth Gritting Action.

Welcome back to another round of hellhole hoo-ha gang.
Right then, on to Alayne now and the flesh tome shading and clothing paint.
Again what little there is of it.
And i'm not complaining.

So going by the box artwork, she's got a sort of green and earthy colour scheme thing going on.
So why not I say!
First things first though, flesh tones...

Well pretty much the same as Lisette but going for a slightly lighter flesh tone so to speak.
So, the Vallejo base flesh then in with the medium flesh and a final going over with light flesh.
But with a smidgen of sunny flesh mixed in.

Then a quick grind down of some pastel chalks and we are good to go with the rest of the shading.
Fine brush selected and start the brush on, puff off and blend deal.
Lastly for the flesh tone thing, a run round all the edges with some Vallejo dark earth thinned to a wash and applied.
Finish off with a xtracrylix satin varnish finish.

Done and dusted to my satisfaction so onward to the clothing thing.

Starting out with some Tamiya deep green and stirring in some Vallejo foundation white.
Mix well and apply with gusto...or a decent brush.
Either will probably work.

Once the base was fully cured then a bit of neat deep green lining wash.
A bit of crease shading with the same deep green with a touch of black.
Finally over with a drybrush dab or several loaded with the original green white mix, just with more white thrown in.

So the remainder of the minimal clothing now.
A run over with a mix of Vallejo flat earth and red leather.
The creases given a bit of a talking to with some dark earth wash.
Then a lick with some red leather used neat for just a wee bit of highlighting.

So to final details here and there.
The sort of elongated 'W' thing was given a coat of Vallejo red gold and topped with rich gold.
There's a sort of...well antler like motif just below the nice bust line, that got picked out in white gold with a black wash.
The arm and wrist band got some Vallejo brass treatment.
The bracer done over in Vallejo German camo brown with black for shading.
Then dry brushed with camo brown used neat.
Then the inevitable camo brown/white mix for final highlights.
The studding done in white gold.
The quiver strap done in flat earth with black.
Brushed over in neat flat earth then with a touch of white and done.
The quiver strap buckle done in brass.
The ring on the bow hand sorted in rich gold.

And of course not forgetting the green/brown/gold treatment all sorted for the clothing to the rear.

And that's a damn nice rear end to end this update on methinks!

So that's the clothing now done and done.
Next update, we got a face up to facing another face to paint.
Or something like that i'm sure.
See the next update people!
You merry lot go easy out there now.

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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