Right then gang, this is the only waffle part.
This one is called the 'Daedalus' due to a little poll I ran on the Resin Illuminati Facebook Page.

It was never intended to be a specific shuttle so I asked for name
suggestions from a list and 'Daedalus' won, simple as that.

Now for those interested, you will find a
4 page build log packed to the gunwhales
with all the dirty deeds, done dirt cheap to this here thingy
by hitting the button below, if one feels the need to.

It should open in a new window assuming I know
what i'm doing...which is debatable.

The model measures approx:
19 & 1/4" Long.
13" Wingspan.
Youtube vid of this bad motor scooter below.
That's enough outta me, enjoy the gallery!