The paint job was it's own little bundle of fun.
Once the main assembly was completed, minus the red tanks on the side
and the engine assembly then to work with a bit of masking over the front cockpit windows.

Two cans of auto white primer were used to coat the entire model.
Once dry, I cut 1/2 inch squares of masking tape and applied them all over the top and bottom pipes.
Special shaped masking was laid over the nosecone and once masking was finished,
a coat of a slight off white auto spray was applied to the model.

This was left to cure then a fine pencil was used to draw in panel lines, sharpened after every 3 or so
lines drawn to maintain consistency.

The entire model was then wiped down to remove any loose graphite from the pencil lines.
Once done the masking was then removed and revealed the subtle panel work I was intending to have.