Now to the fiber optic.
I needed a lot but it didn't need to be top quality, so off to a place I knew sold those cheap fiber optic spray lamps.
Got one for 15, got all the stuff I wanted and relegated the lamp part
to the 'may be useful at some point' box o' bits.

As it happens, by the end of this project I had used about half of the fiber optic so that went into storage.
Now to the next stage.

After lining the inside with my old friend the self adhesive alloy tape to stop the light bleed,
I then proceeded to stuff fiber optic in all the window holes.
When each hole was stuffed tight I applied a drop of thin cyano just inside the widow port.
This bound all the fibers and held them tight.

I cut the outside excess off and trimmed the inside length to about 2 inches on
the windows at the edge of the dish and down to about a half inch almost everywhere else.