Not a bad rendition I think, always helps when the basis is good to begin with.
As i'm sure the rest of you will know there are times when life just just creeps
up behind you and smacks ya one up the back of the head.

The day I sent this one off to it's new owner was one of them times.
I had just posted it off and was going home and decided to stop in at WH Smiths to get my
usual copy ModelMart, now model and collectors magazine or summat like that,
opened the mag to the science fiction
section to see what's new on the market and what do I see there on one dealer advert?

"Brand new, just in, resin upgrade for your 1/4 Screamin' Star wars Stormtrooper,
Tatooine weapon and backpack with all accessories"

Funny ole world ain't it.