Now this little doodad was a vac form kit that I just had to buy as soon as I clapped eyes on it.
Measuring about 12 inches in diameter once built it's not exactly a tiddler.

Yep the motorized idea hit me about 10 seconds after I picked the box up and saw how big it was gonna be.
So to details, several vac parts in white plastic and two clear domes.

Now this wasn't the best clear vac I had ever seen but it would certainly do the trick.
My apologies I only took 3 pics of this but believe me when I say that in
bright sunlight when it's spinning, it really looks the canines testicular.

Update as of 22/03/09

Came across a very old video cassette tape from an old camcorder from
da WAY back when with footage of this bad motor scooter in action.
Duly converted to digital, lasts just over 1 minute and here it be!
Just give the player a few seconds to line it up ;)

Of course if your one of them impatient types then by all means do the right click and 'Save Target As'

it's possible you may also need the latest Divx codec, which oddly enough can be downloaded from