Last but by no means least, the addition to the pilot.
If you look closely at the top of the pic, that's with the lights off, the bottom is the lights on.

Ain't fiber optic a wonderful thing? Amazing what kind of small space you can jam it into if you really try.
Now this could have worked better but it will do for the task at hand.
This was not requested by the customer, I just threw it in as it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The fiber optic is done in two strands and one for top and one for bottom.
This required some drilling into the helmet and then cutting channels to give it as smooth a curve as possible then
feeding it down a hole drilled right through the pilot body and fixing them by means of a shallow
drilled hole in the top of a 3mm white LED.

Like I said, not perfect but it sort of works ok, probably could be made to look
stunning in one of the 1/24th or 1/16th scale Viper models around out there.