Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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Large, Whiteish, Loadsa Framework,

And One Of The Best Designs From A Mid 70's SF TV Show,

Welcome back to the hellhole again gang, were off again!
Right then, this here job has been dropped in my lap
along with several boxes of parts to help it along.
No bad thing thus far so let's take a looksee at what we do got...

The command module/nosecone/beak/front end thing/call it what you will.

There are pilot figures in there with some slight detailing.
This will be removed, pilots replaced and a decent as possible interior added.
With lights of course.

This is one of the parts that is slated for the complete strip down and rebuild/paint thing.

Next up, the side/landing gear pods.

Also slated for the strip down and redo rumba.
These bits come with the parts to mount them on to the model.

A smidgen of rework and strengthening will not go amiss here, more on that as we go along.

The parts that fit inside the cage frames at each end of the spine.
Resin cast bits that are slated to be
scrapped and replaced with better detailed ones.
I have this and two other 44" Eagles to do over the
next year or two so i'll be putting in some of my own stuff.

None of these will be replicating the studio models, no-one has requested it
therefore some of the greeblification will be freeform stuff.
My kind of building to be honest.

So from this to a pile of resin cast goodies making up
the larger back fuel tanks for the engines,
inserts for the main engine bells and some misc detail parts.
Also two spare pilot figures.

These fellas will go to the spares bin and
some new ones will be made up with suits to better
match the ones seen in the show.

Blocks and aluminium turned parts for the attitude thrusters
that sit on the outside face of the side pods.

And very nice too!

Speaking of nice, the take off/landing thrust bells.

Lovely bits of work and it get's better...
Main engine bells.

Real quality bits of turned aluminium, beautiful!

Next up, the clips that secure the spine to the cage frames and
the brackets that secure the command module to the front of the ship

More of the good stuff going on...
The landing gear.
Brass spring loaded legs with aluminium footpads.

Seriously cool bits of kit.

Then comes the passenger pod.
The last candidate for the strip down, clean up and repaint.
it's nice enough don't get me wrong but it
needs just a smidgen of TLC here and there to clear up the air bubbles and cracks.

Lastly, the brass cage frames and spine.

Now i'll be honest here...
I don't know who made them but I have to say a better job could have been done in places.

There will be more than a small bit of solder clean up and/or re flow required in places.

Also on the inside of the spine, there are more
than a few gaps to sort and make secure.
Three examples out of several shown below.

Also the longerons that make up the main length of the spine
are not soldered to the trapezoid shaped frames.
They actually are loose and this leaves the spine
open to twisting and putting all the
load on the cross member and frame joints which
is not even close a good thing in my humble opinion.

So then, all that lot and some extras/reworking/soldering required from yours truly.

The framework that will hold the fuel tanks,
piping and engine bells has to be built.
Replacement detail parts and new horizontal parts that go in the cage frames.

I feel the joining parts for the side pods to the model are
a bit insubstantial at the mount points for task and
longevity of the model so some replacement
parts and a re-think in order there one doth reckon.

Additional detail parts as and where required along with the cockpit interior rebuild.

Final paint scheme to be decided along with other misc details but we'll get in to the hoo-ha as we go along.

By no means an impossible job but I foresee a few of the 'oh for crying out loud' moments in this ones future.
But then as I always reckon, if this gig was easy, I and like minded souls wouldn't be doing it.

That's the lot until we get stuck in proper.
I have a Battlestar and a few other bits to take care of 'fore then
so see you merry mob back here when I do.
Go easy out there now people!

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