Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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Parts, parts everywhere!

More Bits And Pieces...
Part 2 Donchaknow...

And as promised, the framework faffing about!

So cage frames brought out and much milling of brass ends did happen.
Assembled the center section of the spine nice and straight,
then started in to fitting the frames at each end.

That done, the final bits of framework sorted out with a smidgen of a polish up.

Now to the pod question.
To be specific, how to make the beasties hold on the frame but still easily removable for changing...

The simple answer?


Got a pack of eight 8mm x 8mm cylindrical neodymwhatchamathingies, 2.5kg pull each.

Now for their size they are powerful and will need to be as the heaviest pod is the nuclear waste one.

This one...

That weighs in at about 3kg so two of the above mentioned magnetic things should just about do the trick.

Some 12 x 6mm brass bar got measured and marked the hell out of,
then machined up in to two lumps with a hole drilled to take a magnet.
The magnets came out at 7.95mm in diameter so a hole of around 7.75mm was drilled.

Bars soldered in and magnets press fitted in to place.

And so to test...and it does the job!

As long as it isn't wobbled about or rocked then it stays put so job done there.

The passenger pod also fitted with two magnets but set so they don't actually touch.
If they did, you'd be bloody hard pushed to get the pod off!

Anyways, that works just fine so on to some detail fitting for the framework.
Pipe runs down the spine soldered in.
The twin ones on the left are for wiring for lighting things,
the one on the right will have some flexible piping attached
to connect to the detail lump in the cage frames.

Of course, the much required greeblies on the pod holding bars.

And the client supplied frame holding brackets attached.

Couple of last bits for this update, the passenger pod fitting tryout and works nicely.

And couldn't resist a quick and dirty dry fit of the detail parts in the cage frame...
Well I could have resisted, I just didn't want to.

And that will most definitely do for now.
More as soon as can be sorted!
You merry mob go easy out there now.

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