Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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It's a frame up i'm tellin' ya!

And It Needs Some Paint...
And Other Stuff!

So let's be about it.

Welcome back one and all!

So after much cleaning with degreaser, toothbrush and brillo pad,
A goodly coat of self etching primer followed by four coats of matt white get's this!

A bit of paint shop pro tinkering got the artwork for two sheets of decals.
After which, said artwork get fed to my laser printer,
appropriate buttons hit,
hoped for the best.

The stripey sheet got printed on white decal paper, the smaller sheet on clear.

And much trim and soaking sodding about did happen.
First with the stripes.

Next up was some more striping and the tiny bits.
Much squinting and gritting of teeth did happen.

Once that lot had settled down, a bit of a practice for the dirt/weathering doo-dads got a look in.

Comparison shot from clean to not clean.

And this got expanded to the whole thing with a
fair amount of matt varnish spray bombed on to fix it.

A smidgen of wash to the pod holding bar parts.

And i'm calling the main framework done!

A last pic.
Call it the start, middle and end for this bit.

And that's it for now.

Up next, plodding on with the pods!
Later gang!!

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