Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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Plodding along...
It's A Pod Thing Ya Know.

Welcomeback people!

Right then, it's pod time so getting stuck in to the passenger pod.
This is going to be the rescue variant which only means a
different paint job from the standard white with grey bits kinda thing.

But the white with grey bits is where we are going to start.
So the masking thing...
Pod gone over with some rattlecan Tamiya primer grey,
apply layer of masking,
light dusting coat with some rattlecan Tamiya fine primer white..

With me so far?...
Same again with the mask and dusting coat...

Repeat three times more and then rip all masking off.
The result...

One additional thing got built in.
Client had seen it done on another Eagle and wanted it on his.
Who am I to say otherwise so...

After looking over it, noticed a bit of masking I hadn't removed.
Remove it.
Shake head.
Then had to have a look see in the framework.
As one does.

So to the red stripes the rescue pod has.
There was much masking done unto said pod.

At this point, I had airbrushed one and a half stripes when my
airbrush compressor decided it was time to give up.

Lacking any alternative compressed air source and knowing full well
my own lungs were not going to do the trick,
removed all the masking and ordered a new compressor.

Two days later we were back in business!

Mask up again and get to it!
Paint applied to all stripes without mishap this time.

So other paintwork sorted out then pulled up the pixel punching program,
did up some waterslide decals, printed and got the hell to it.

Done in short order, all cured nicely and matt coat airbrushed on.

So that done, then to the weathering lark!

Plenty of moon dust dirt and grime lobbed on, some scratched paint and
surface streaking all adding up to the workhorse look.

And that's it for the main body of the pod and this update!

Next up will be the underside of said pod...
and there will be much fiddling about there.
Go easy out there all of ya!

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