Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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And Some Other Associated Bits!

Now to get it out the way, my WIP pic taking camera doesn't like any kind of red too much
so the suits are a lot more red in the pics than they actually are.


Chest packs done, paintwork and decals applied to the figures.

Helmets done.
Visors were given a coat of clear orange.

Had to do a bit of grinding on the heads but they fitted eventually so all good.

In place with some black painted brass wire for the control yokes.

Lighting test showed that a couple more LEDs may be a good idea so it'll get sorted and then sealed up.

Speaking sealing up, this was done.

Command module fixed to its frame then paintwork ensued with pretty much
the same panel mask and spray deal as the pods.

Black areas painted and decals on.

Pencil work and weathering dealt with, detail parts attached.

Lighting check and the extra two LEDs helped.

Engine section!
Oh Yes!

Big tanks painted and engine bells brought out of their hiding place.

Small tanks painted, cruciform frame likewise.
Piping fitted, weathering and decals done.

Big tanks duly penciled, decaled, weathered and put where they are supposed to be.
Engine bells likewise.

The outside of the bells were given a bit of a polish up and the rear
got a light airbrush of Alclad pale burned metal just for looks sake.

So looking none too shabby with this bit.

Inside of the engine bells given the dirty down treatment and the...
whatever they are with the holes fitted.

And the test looksee of the requested lighting.

And a nice rosy glow was seen so all good.

That's the lot for now gang.
You merry mob look after yaselves and go easy out there now.

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