Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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It's The Final Update!...
Oh Yes!!

This is it gang.
Ok then, the 3D printed pods brought out of hiding,
detail parts likewise so let us be a gettin' to it.

All surfaces sanded then plating and greeblies attached.
A combo of resin castings, 3D printed bits and styrene sheet got all manner of violence done unto them.

Some more bits of the non-studio accurate kind got lobbed on
and then the required primer paint got a look in.

Multi grey panel work and lots of small decals did the deed here.

In with the propelling pencil for the panel lines and away with the wash and weathering lark.

At this point, it's time to start bringing it all together.

Laminated carbon fiber crossbeam got a fair bit of
epoxy slapped on then hammered in to one side pod.

Cage frame detail parts brought out of hiding, fitted, pod and
crossbeam shoved through and the opposite side pod attached.

Back end likewise.

Engine assembly mounted proper and wired up.

Wiring fed as planned through the tubes soldered to the spine.

Underside VTOL engine bells in place and fitted with ignition plates.

Door facia installed.

Command module sorted and in place.

All the wiring hooked up to a push switch in the top from greeblie infested area.
Battery power from a 9 volt PP3 type in the front cage frame.

Now the landing gear.
A smidge of a problem as the springs were not good enough to hold up this kind of weight so just went right down to the stops.

So a bit of drilling and tapping happened.
Fitted out with a 30mm long bolt, run down and secured with some epoxy glue.

Leg parts disassembled, painted, weathered and then put back together.

Full extention and bottom stop now all set.

Now standing on her own four legs.

RCS thruster quads assembled and in place.

Battery cover held on with magnets.

And that is pretty much that for the main article.

Of course, had to have a quick photo call with each pod.

Overall, very happy with the end result and so the eventual owner so high fives all round.
Gallery proper on the linky button below

Hope you have enjoyed this little turnout, you merry lot go easy out there now.

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