Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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And if anything could go wrong

it Feckin' Well Did!

Welcome back all and first off,
My humble apologies to one and all for the lack of progress on this and most other things.

Long story short,
PC went foom,
user also to an extent and
first masters for the cage frame interior bits scrapped due to lack of curing rubber.

So mechanical, technical and personal health aside, it's all been just bloody peachy.

Well as you can tell, PC back on line with some relatively serious upgrades.
My web mail is down so, again, apologies to all for not keeping in contact.
Most notable to the long suffering client and I probably have a
mountain of emails to answer when that gets sorted out so bear with me there gang.

Anyway's, back now so let's get to it...

Cage frame interior parts to deal with and went the 3D printer route for the base parts, renders are as follows:

So that lot tinkered with and printed out.
I set the printer for quick and dirty print to give the parts some surface texture
rather than just sticking with the flat and smooth base variety.
Could have done that with the printer, just decided to be different.

So to begin with, A selection of kit parts and cast resin detail bits and bobs ripped off from other kits.

For this little lot one is about to see, the butchers bill works out like this...

1/24th Airfix Merlin Engine parts,
1/20th Tamiya JPS Lotus parts,
1/72nd Fine Molds Millennium Falcon bits,
Tamiya 1/25th Centurion Tank odds and sods,
Airfix Girder Bridge hacked up for the cause,
Airfix 1/144th Saturn V before lift off,
Revell 1/144th Saturn V as I got it real cheap,
Tamiya 1/35th Panther Tank as it's more use to me like this,
Tamiya 1/24th Porsche 956 as I may use the body shell and little else,
some parts that came from I know not exactly what
aaaaaaand the good old standby of the Revell 1/24th Gemini Space Capsule.

So with that in mind the belly plates printed, greeblied up and primered.
Made so they could slot together, like wise the top plates but we'll get to those in a tick.

And would one believe it, they actually fit!

So to the door plate, printed the door framing up then just backed with some styrene sheet.

The frame also printed, lightly sanded and fiddled about with, door attached and some primer and parts laid on.

if I may say so and I think I may, it's a bit of an improvement over the original parts that came with the pile.

So the top plates got the print, greeblie and primer treatment as well.

And they fit as well...

A swift test fit of parts so far.

On to the side plates.

Looks about right so to the shelf bits that do stick out from the side plates.

Yep, that'll about do that.
Oh by the way, the lattice work strips were a bit of a happy accident.
I accidentally dropped a test print on the concrete deck of the hellhole and it split along a print line.
inside was the lattice work and one thought to oneself...
i'm going to make use of that bugger somewhere!

Just taking a spare print and working in a scalpel to split the print got these rather handy bits.

So then, last bits so to speak, the panel that will go the opposite end to the door
and two small panels to cover the screw hole in the shelf parts once they are in place proper.

Said cover parts work like this...

And the pile o' plates done and done.

And as you would expect, test fitting of the whole deal time.
Bit of a slight 'ship in a bottle' fitting routine but fit they do
with only a small amount of shoving about.

And there we have it, that lot will get a fresh batch of rubber lobbed on top with fingers crossed.
The plate at the opposite end to the door will be 'as is' for the engine end and a separate part made up to fit one to the command module.
That will be for another time but it's all in the plan.
A plan not without hiccups but then that's just standard with me lately I can assure you.

That's the lot for now people, more soon as possible so until then, you goodly gang go easy out there now.

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