Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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And onward we go

With A Pile O' Printed Parts

Welcome back one and all!
Right then, the printing stuff.

Done a quick and dirty test print of the side pod parts...

Not bad but a few adjustments needed and merged the inner frame with the pod bottom part.
A fair few hours after that...

A bit of hacking about to get shot of the support material...

And that'll about do it.
Gave the bottom pod part a bit of bend, twist and weight testing and it was found to be solid as a rock.
Which is the general idea.

Some more print palaver and we got these.

And with the handy dandy marking hole in the print for the drilling to fit the landing gear on all.

Now that's the bulk items for those sorted, the passenger pod question.

Decided not to use the supplied pod so out with the polygon punching program and one got to it.

The parts breakdown is as such to make sure the parts would fit on the print bed.

One or two little adjustments and the printer earned it's keep.
The main shell parts.

Door and window bits.

All the parts were done with fitting tabs and slots to varying degrees.
Plenty of inset areas for some detail parts on the pod ends.
A little bit of fiddling about but it do worketh.

So to some detail parts for the pod ends.
Some printing for the plates and then the detailing greeblies.
Not by any means screen accurate but the client did not request as
such so proceeding as requested to up the detail ante.

And mit der primer slapped on.

The small rectangular plates are just going to get printed as it's simpler to do so.
A door part was needed so one was cast from the cage frame detail parts
and hacked up for the purpose.

Test fitting time!

That lot works so them and the required parts from a Revell 1/24th Gemini
and Airfix 1/144th Saturn V got shoved under RTV rubber.

So to the pod shell and parts assembled, filler where required, sand and prime up.

The top has a nice subtle texture to it.

Now a bit of detailing change up.
There is an inset above the door that has three bits of detail
glued on a flat plate background.
A slip of styrene sheet and time for a test fit look see.

Well a change of plane after cleaning off a layer of surface print.
An effect that will be used here and there just to vary the surface and make it a
bit more interesting than just flat surfaces all over.

Me likey a fair bit more than blank surface so onward.

So all cast/printed detail parts and scribed styrene sheet attached where required and clean up.

And the very necessary primer coating thing.

And that's that for now, next up will be the side pod clean up/detailing work,
passenger pod underside and the final build and assembly of the brass framework.

Which is always fun trust me.

Go easy out there gang!

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