Kit Kong's Model Mansion Armour Annie
Sculpted by David Whitford
1/8th Scale WWII Pin-Up Series

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Feeling in a paintwork mood...

So Time To Splash it About A Bit...
Well Maybe More Than A Bit.

Welcome back all!
Well did a little bit of work on the figure but wanted
to get the base sorted and out the way so...

Drilled a hole and fitted a brass tube to seat the turret bit properly and got to it with the colours!
Daubed on some metallic paint in a few places...

Once that was sorted, stuck some latex masking fluid semi-randomly about the gaff.

Then came the main colour.
Decided to go with Tamiya sprays for this,
namely TS-5 Olive Drab with a light over spray of TS-28 Olive Drab because why not.

After all settled down, went with Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab and mixed in a little aircraft grey.
This then got furiously drybrushed over the parts.

Well then came the finishing bits...
Sandbags painted in Vallejo burnt umber then hit double drybrush coats of
yellow ocher and medium grey mixed,
then lastly a bit more grey in the mix and done.

A bit of graphite powder shading where required.
A coat of Vallejo matte varnish rattle can applied,
all latex masking removed and the sides of the base hit with some Vallejo glossy black.
Lastly the coax machine gun muzzle painted and fitted.

The result.

Lastly, managed to get a pic of the main gun muzzle,
done out in Vallejo matt black and aluminium drybrushed and it ain't easy to get a decent pic but...

i'm calling the base a done thing so back to the lass herself for a
little bit of modification here and there...
Like one does on more than one occasion.

All parts cleaned down and mould seams got shot of.
The trigger part of the Thompson was hollowed out.

Then her open shirt bit had some material removed to make a slightly better line
than just having it run right to her skin at 90 degrees.
The goggles got a bit of work done in the form
of hollowing out so I can paint the inside and put some clear plastic lenses in them.
Just to be different like.

Happy with that so a goodly scrubdown, air dry then on to the required primer and final check over.

Brass pins will be fitted to all the joints just for a little extra insurance but for now,
all good so out with the airbrush for the paintwork...

The results of that will be in the next and possibly final update for
this lass anyways so i'll see you merry mob then.

Go easy out there all!

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