Kit Kong's Model Mansion Armour Annie
Sculpted by David Whitford
1/8th Scale WWII Pin-Up Series

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Boots, gaiters, leg, sling and tags...

It's The Final Bits And Bobs Stuff!!

So then, onward with the last of the ever fun faffing about in the hellhole.

Boots and gaiters to sort so let's sort 'em.

Base of Vallejo burnt umber for the boots, drybrushed in Vallejo red leather with a final going over of red leather and just a tiny touch of grey mix.
Laces in mahogany brown then touched over with the same and a drop of white mix.

Soles in standard matt black with just a touch of detail painting here and there to the most visible one.

Gaiters done in Vallejo dark grey green base then a dab of dark dirt wash.
The expected drybrush came next in light grey green then final of the same and a smidgen of white mixed in.
Laces picked out in the same with a tad more white, small details in matt black.

Leg glued on, nails painted, all over coat of matt varnish airbrushed on, gloss the lippy and nails.

That's the main bulk of the figure sorted and a very nice figure she is!

Last bits now.

Sling for the Thompson made from thin white card stock,
long strip cut as required.
The buckles and clasps made up from soldered wire and 5thou" steel sheet.
After painting the sling, I also did a little bit of crimping along the sling material to give it some texture relief.

Painted the metalwork flat black then parts in position and soaked in scenic glue which is a nice thinned PVA like stuff.
Shaped and left to dry off.
The texturing almost disappeared but them's the breaks.

Any black paint that got scraped off got left that way, call it lazy weathering.

Lastly, dog tags!

OK then, I tried to photo etch them but got nothing that was decent,
so scrapped that method and went to 5thou" steel, cut a couple of bits, filed to shape, and made decals.

The 'chain' was made from some .02 wire, two strands spun in a drill untill tightly wound.
Painted black and rubbed with a thinners soaked rag.
Two lengths, one for the first tag and the other for the second tag
as they are supposed to be done.

For reference, the tags are approx 6mm X 3mm or 1/4" X 1/8" in old money.

After a bit of faffing about, in position and that's that for the girl.

Final assembly, girl secured to turret via epoxy and brass pins and turret secured to base via a bloody big screw.
This will not be coming apart easily, which is the point.

She's a done thing at last!

Full gallery can be found by clicking the button below...

So in final analysis, a very nicely cast kit with as next to no vices which is all good.
For the price, which was 100 and change in UK beer tokens,
no complaints here for what is a reasonably hefty lump of resin in the end.
The sculpting is excellent and the overall piece really hits the 1940's pin-up theme dead center.

I would think built straight from the box...
unless your a loony modeler like me...
you will end up with something really nice so a winner all round for whatever my opinion is worth.

I hope you've enjoyed this little hurtle about the Hellhole, fun stuff over with, back to the usual larking about!
Take good care of yaselves out there now.

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