Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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It's a bit big, lumpy and somewhat unusual...

Same As The Builder So Good Enough To Start With!

Welcome along for this turn out of scale model fun and frolics!

Now then, got this kit in some time back for another project that has bitten the dust.
Seems a shame to waste it or just sell it on so why not build the damn thing I thought.
A decent enough thought...

Or excuse if you will,
either works.

Not going to bother with the historical real world rattle off of details concerning the real thing and so forth,
That has been done several times by those far more knowledgeable than me so onward!

OK, first up the none too small box...

This kit was part of the Revell-Monogram Selected Subjects Program.
Idea was to give old kits, military, cars, rocketry and so on a new release/lease of life back in the late 1990's to 2000's.

This particular one was a 2011 issue.

Now to the bits and there's a fair few of 'em!
Destructions and decals of course.

Parts for the two heavy M-249 and M-250 truck units.
Gun carriage, barrel and detail parts.

The surface moulded in detail is actually pretty crisp for a kit this old.

Now when I say old, I mean old.
The roll mark on the below pic shows it.

Revell got the licence from that date but Renwal first issued this kit in 1955.

Now on the mechanical side, this kit is pretty good considering,
the organic side with the figures not so much.

To be honest, the three on the sprue look more like an interpretive dance troupe to me so they are not going to get used...
At least not for this model.

So the tinkering together begins here and yep,
i'll be adding detail where it appears necessary.
And in places it's really necessary to me.

Tyres and lots of 'em!

Two halves as moulded, simply glued together.

After glue curing, a furious wet & dry sanding episode to get shot of the seams and paintwork be done.
Nothing more involved that matt black rattlecan as a base,
then much drybrushing with Vallejo German Grey, Dark Grey and Medium Grey in that order.
A few goodly coats of varnish to seal and done.

Hubs also painted up.
Tamiya TS-28 rattle can Olive Drab then going over with Tamiya black panel line accent wash.
Mucho dry brushing with Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab with increasing amounts of Tamiya XF-62 IJN Grey mixed in.

Dry fit hub and tyre look see of course.

Now as a note, the two main reference books I have for this beastie are the following.

Both are excellent and cover things the other doesn't so work well in conjunction.

Right then, the first of the try out mods.
Shot of one of the ref photos and note the large double vent behind the cab of the M-249 lead truck.

The real deal has a fine mesh and here's the kit part.

That ridge bit above the left hand vent is supposed to be a grab handle and i'll get that in a bit.

OK, the mesh got chopped out and replaced by fine brass fuel filter mesh.

More fun abounds on Page 2 so off ya go!

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