Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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Getting my act together...

And Carrying On Getting This Truck Together.

Onward with the assembly lark!
Winch fitted and plumbed in.

Spare wheel in place.

Spare wheel davit required, the real deal and the supplied part
rather unceremoniously hacked off the base which I did use.

The inevitable replacement printed up, painted and in place.

Ma Deuce locked and loaded in the top mount.
Found a mesh on CGTrader some months back,
thought I might have a use for it somewhere down the line.

Turns out I was right...
had to happen eventually I s'pose.

Finishing up the weathering.
Dirt, rust and paint chipping a plenty.

Last bit for this somewhat lengthy update, the glazing.

Windshield clear stuff sliced up.
Frames painted and masking for the wiper outline laid on.
Some light wash applied to the edges of the masking.

A spray of satin varnish and masking removed.

Window hinge/opener parts printed and fitted.

Windshields and printed wipers in place.

Side and rear windows likewise in place.
Side ones are in roughly three quarters down one side and fully down the other because why not.

And that's the bulk of the front truck done!

Just the lifting forks to sort out and I expect that will be on par with laugh riot is has been so far.

And that wraps this update up nicely.
More to come so i'll see ya all next time!

You goodly folks go easy out there now.

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