Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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The last bits to be done...

So Let's Be A Doing Things With Them!

Rear truck build continuing.

Engine facia's, drive train and engine cover in place.

Cab fitted and black washing where required.
And required it was.

Much waving of the drybrush did happen!

Weathering a plenty to be had.
Done much the same as the front truck and wheels on at last.

Forks finished and piped up.

Glazing all sorted.

Tools in place.

Clevis and hitches fitted.
Headlights and covers sorted in the same way as the front truck.

Forks fitted and piped up.

Lifters in place and plumbed in.

M2 locked and loaded in the top mount.

And that's it for the rear truck and the build phase in general.

Link to the gallery proper below I hope.

Well then, it's been a bit of a slog but worth it for the finished article.
A lot more fiddling about than originally intended but nothing new there.

Overall, worth it and the done deal looks the part so all good from my locale.

Hope you've enjoyed this little spin about the Hellhole and
i'll see you lot next time.
Look after yaselves out there now people!

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