Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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Just trying to lift things up a bit

But The Lifter And Loader Needs Work
As Do A Fair Few Other Bits.

First up is davit that lifts the not inconsiderable bulk of the shells.
This would be it.

This is the kit part.

Polygon punching time!

And the test print piece sorted.

Now tackling several issues at once so bear with me here gang.

A render to look at for ya.
The left hand bit is the firing setup that goes on the opposite side of the carriage.
The right hand one is the object of interest here.

Pic of the real deal.
It's the bit surrounded by the red outline.

So that sorted, the area it goes on is the one with the small dome at the top.
Dome removed and part dry fitted.

Looks the part so with that and the davit on for a dry fit look see as one does.

Liking the look.
The firing plate on the other side and it'll replace the single box on the side.

Apparently both types got used and I think the open one looks better.

Oh and the moulded in cabling will be getting it's walking papers and replaced.

Right then folks, the shell loader/rammer to be taken care of.

Here's what the real thing looks like.

Here's the kit part.

Some reworking required here.
Well I say reworking,
more like replacement so back to slaving over a room temperature keyboard.

Here's the result of that.

And the component parts.

Some printing and clean up later got more what one was after.

Hooray for our side on that so to paintwork and sorting out.
The done loader on it's bottom box with some piping attached.

The top all painted up and going for a used mottled finish on the paint.

Looks nice but far from done.

A ref pic or two for your consideration.

You'll note the angled support/strengthener pieces and all the stuff in the front trench.
Well they are more than a bit visible so off we go...

Parts meshed up.

Also started work on the carriage insides.
Unlike the real thing, the carriage sides are moulded as one would expect but no internal skin as the real thing has,
like so.

So off & away and building in conjunction with the loader part.
Much styrene got sliced up for this.

That lot meshes together quite nicely.

The two cup like bits on the top are the stop plates for the lifting forks on the trucks.

This and much more can be found on page 4!

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