Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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A lot on me plate...

And Some Plating To Do With Other Stuff!.

Okedoke people, to the other end of the carriage fore a sec.
The equilibrator bit, this bit.

Now the underside doesn't have the tank detail in the kit but a quick mesh up and print sorted that.

Dab of matt black and dry brushed metallic grey got it sorted.

Parts painted and assembled, along with some 3D printed bits and wire for the cable/piping.

And that'll do for that for now.

Plating to the insides of the carriage carried on.

Detail parts for the loader/rammer mentioned on the previous page painted and installed.

And of course, the dry fit look see.

So to the gun tube and cradle.
Base parts assembled.

The muzzle was just a rough tube on the inside so drilled out just a bit wider
and a printed internal sleeve with rifling ridges made up.
Inserted and cleaned up.

Cradle first and a lick of OD for show.

Several additions/changes required here. The ref pics show the details.

And there was much late night mesh shuffling and printing done!

Paint sanded off where needed then the tweezers and squinting with super glue action.

One thing of note is the firing switch connector between the cradle and breech block.
Ref pic!

So that got done.
And I didn't forget the breech block side of things.

Also there's a plate on top of the breech block and the loading platform at the back need some work.
Ref pics of course.

That's the lot for this one, Page 5 awaits!

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