Renwal/Revell Atomic Cannon
1/32nd Scale

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Time to get some colours on...

Kinda Dark Green, Medium Green And Light Green Thing With Some Metal Thrown in.

Gun tube sorted.
Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab, Tamiya black panel line accent and a bit of drybrushing.
Metal area Humbrol polished steel and buffed in aluminium powder.

Block got the wiring required fitted on.

Muzzle done in Gunze Sangyo steel and dry brushed in Vallejo silver.

Cradle paint.

Pretty much the same paint deal as the barrel tube.
Recoil buffer fitted with printed nut heads, wiring installed.

Had to slide in the tube for a look see of course.

Back to the carriage.
The ref pic shows some of the detail this beastie has at the ends.

The wedges that are used to secure it when the tractors are attached,
a folding ladder type thing and the pipe work that links the air/braking system between the two transport wagons.

Here's the kit part.

Now not knocking the tooling.
As noted before, at this time of keyboard pounding, the moulds are over 65 years old.

A little bit of upgrading wouldn't go amiss though.

Detail chiseled/sanded off and some sliced up styrene thrown at it.

Onward from that and some dry fitting of 3D printed replacement parts.

Much better and sharper!

The insides of the trunnions as moulded are hollow but that's nothing a printed cover plate can't sort out.

And that's the lot for now.
More to come as soon as i've sorted it so you merry mob take care and go easy out there untill next time!

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