Two USS Sulaco Models From 'Aliens'
Unknown Scale.

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Big And Even Bloody Bigger!

And Very Grey To Boot.

Whatho all!

First things first...
I did not build these

That said...onward!

Right, got handed two Sulaco pretty much finished models to fix up/paint/finish.
These were scratch built by a fella over here in the UK,
I only know him as Barrie (the old guy) from Preston.
He showed pics of one around a couple of boards and to quote himself from the RPF thread:

"May not have all the correct detailing as the film guys build as they go and do not keep
accurate record of just HOW they did it, but I think my own version is not bad."

I'll say it now, he may say 'not bad',
I say they are actually pretty damn good in my humble opinion and certainly look the part.
Not going to sit here and say I could do any better in all honesty so there ya have it.
Also to note, they only have a coat of primer and that's all.

So then, the first of the two and this will also serve as the paint test for the other one.

The below pic has a 39" rule in it just to show size.

OK, the round bit just aft of the middle requires some surface
detailing on the outer faces but that's no big deal.
Now the plan is to paint this in the same mask/spray/mask/repeat/wash & weather as I
did the small Halcyon piece of crap Sulaco kit I built some time ago.
Paints are these...

It will be those to sort the paneling,
Then will come an overall coat of tinted blue varnish to bring it up to as
close as possible to the studio model in colouring.

Like this photo of said studio model.

Also have to add the markings and make/get a stand for it.

And then once that one is done, we get to the really silly part...

I'm about 6'2" so work it out for yaself!

This also needs some sorting out with the round bit,
namely replacing the faces with elliptical domes and re-detailing,
a bit of fiddling about here and there, paint, chuck on the markings etc.
then sort out a stand mount.

Methinks a steel tripod stage speaker/light stand will sort that and one has been got for just that purpose.

Oh it's all good fun!
More when I get around to them proper gang.
See thee next time for mucho paintwork pandemonium!

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