NuBSG 'Blood & Chrome' Viper Mk II-B
Or Mk III...
1/10th Scale

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It's Another Viper!

But A Bit Chunkier Than The Normal.

Whatho people!

OK then, been having a tinker with this idea that got slung my way...
to build the Viper from the NuBSG 'Blood & Chrome' movie.

Said viper was designed by Pierre M Drolet.

He has a site where you can see a hell of a lot of his works:

Pierre Drolet Sci Fi Museum

Now then, for those who don't want to go there, here's some of the pics.

With me so far?...


OK, for this opener, a bit of polygon punching from yours truly took place.

Tried a quick and rough test print on my FDM printer for the front of the side engine.

It's a start but those panel lines really need closing up.

So it's a start.

In comparison, the 1/10th Viper MkII is 34" and change or about 87cms metrically speaking, in length.
This thing is somewhere around the 41" and change area or about 105 cms or so.

Very rough comparison pics below.

Yep, this'll be interesting but that's for later!
Untill then, go easy out there now!

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