Fallout Universe/Post Apocalyptic
Fletcher Class Destroyer
Revell Premium kit.
1/144th Scale

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Something nautical for a change.

And Very Much Different From The Standard Slap Together.

Okedoke then, doubtless some will be confused by the title and I don't blame ya in the least.

Long story as short as possible, this idea is based off a happening in a tabletop RPG based
on the Fallout franchise of video games that me and a friend ran some time back.
For those familiar with it may get what comes next.

For those that don't but are curious, the following link will help if ya in for a bit of a lengthy read.

Overview of the Fallout universe.

For those who don't care, scroll on!

For those still with me...

For a shorter version, imagine an America of the 21st century but still locked in the 1940's to 1960's in terms of style,
fashion, architecture and so on with a dash of art deco thrown in.

The Transistor, therefore the integrated circuit was never invented so more than a few
old style (to us) valves/vacuum tubes about the place.

Also it's very 50's 'B' movie in theme as almost everything was atomic powered in some way, even the cars.
And radiation wouldn't just kill some people, it also mutated creatures to large size.

7 foot long Emperor Scorpion or 30 foot tall acid spitting lobster anyone?

You get the general idea.

Story is that a unit of Minuteman Rangers, on a long range mission from the
Boston Commonwealth to the Florida wastes, came across a fully intact
Fletcher Class in covered dry dock at a settlement in the remains of the
old Norfolk Navy Base in Virginia in 2321.

Said ship was still cared for by a contingent of military robots and
it's original Master Chief Petty Officer who had been turned into a Ghoul.

'Ghoul' is the term used to describe those who have received what would be a lethal dose
of radiation but instead, been made near immortal but looking more like a burned zombie.
This happened to him in the global nuclear exchange, known as 'The Great War', in 2077.

Lots of haggling and deals made resulted in a several weeks work and she was back at sea,
the first ship in what later became the Minuteman Naval Service.
This model will represent her in her last refit of 2325 before the mission to Scotland.

Oh, and the ship is nuclear-electric powered, just thought i'd better mention that.

Main block of waffle done, let's get to business...
The kit.

Many a sprue of parts to this lass but to begin,
the hull, some rigging thread, the necessary destruction booklet and decals.

Not a bad size of hull either.

Decking, superstructure parts and gun turrets.

The detail is not too bad either.

More deck and superstructure parts.

Again, fairly crisp detail wise.

Deck railing stanchions, propellers and misc. parts.


Clear parts and as it is with the premium kit, turned brass detailing stuff.

The colour charts and decal placement.

One steel and two brass photo etched frets.

And the very much wanted destructions of where to put 'em.

Now as noted at the top, she will be post apocalyptic in theme but not in look.
No rust, dirt, slap dash paintwork and rough welding on this gal.
Her Master Chief would never allow it so she will be most shipshape.

I'll be making her a waterline model so expect some slicey dicey action with the hull and then some.

Also I have plan details for upgrades done to the real ships so some of those will be
implemented on the superstructure along with many mods of my own.

How all this will work out is yet to be seen.
More to come at some time or another gang.
You merry mob go easy out there now.

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