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A bit of plastic pounding,

And Some Plating Pushing About.

Welcome back all!

Right then, finally got enough pics for a proper update page
in between Refit Enterprise pearlescent pandemonium so here we go!

Time to get at least one side of the underside plating sorted.
Much pouring over the reference for the plating lines
and there was much pencil and head scratching goings on going on.

The new plating dividing lines were ground in, a bit of the existing plating removed and the surface smoothed off.

The appropriate thickness of styrene sheet got some measuring up then
a decent dollop of scalpel violence done unto it with gusto.

And with much slice/test fit/slice again etc ad absurdum,
parts had some bits removed on the edges to keep the notched theme going
and there was more than a bit of the laying on of that thar glue stuff!.

A half decent start so onward.

So in with the filler, quick setting epoxy putty for this deal.
Slapped on in more or less the right places,
left for the appropriate time and then one did wet sanded the living daylights out of it.

A lick of primer to see how we were going then a little bit of standard styrene green putty
for taking care of small surface misdemeanors,
wet sand again to make the problem spots bugger off.

A quick wash, rinse, dry off and it was sorted.

So a smidgen of surface detailing 'fore the final primer coating.
Some styrene sheet of three varying thicknesses got sliced up...

and then a small selection of resin cast greeblies, what would and would not
be used was a case of deciding as I went along.

These came from moulds that one did some time ago from all the
lovely greeblies in the Fine Molds 1/72nd Millennium Falcon kit.
Seemed appropriate to me.

Styrene and cyano stay put stuff got slung about the place and this be the result.

Lastly, the required coat of primer.

Aye, that's about what I was after!
it's not truly accurate to the 5 footer but it's close and that will do for me.

Right, on to the pit detail plates now and the all important paintwork.
Through the stages of matt black, then to a acrylic sea grey and metallic grey mix dry brush,
onward with acrylic medium grey and then mixing in a little white in successive coats all dry brushed.

Every now and again, some latex masking fluid was plastered here and there in small amounts.

Cured masking fluid removed then in with the rust, black and smoke washes in certain areas,
topped off with just a final going over with a pure white very dry brush.

For the hell of it, the inside of the left pit got a coat of matt black
and some light grey and white dry brush treatment.

And a dry fit of the left pit to see what we got.

OK, not spot on screen accurate as i've said before but not at all displeased with what I see so that will do for now.
The same will be done for the right hand belly and pit fit thing.

For now, some full on build cargo hold capers...
Like this!

Well you may (or not) recall the first hold side wall scratched up
by yours truly on page 11,
this one...

With me so far?

Well almost the same kinda thing was done for the opposite wall.
Here it is in the raw and with primer/wall colour applied.

So the weathering and drybrush dance about the Hellhole done and then
additional piping/wiring with a lick of paint here and there.

Sorted and ready for some lighting stuff.

Diffuser material laid in place and a strip of three LED's sorted and installed.

Done and done there, onward!

The large wall opposite the entry hallway to get 'the treatment'.
And it did.

in stages, the part with mucho styrene sheet, rod, Shapeways printed arch surround and a sprinkling of resin greeblies added,
then the required paint, wash/pastel dirt and the drybrush up to finish..

So additional detail work with many spring tubes and wire.

That wall and the two others installed on the hold deck.
This was just painted in grey primer, dark dirt wash and the drybrushed with Tamiya metallic grey.

And once all settled...add more wire!

Now for some cargo to go in said hold.

All Shapeways printed goodies and there's a fair few of 'em.

So primed up and relevant parts painted white.

The white parts were masked up and painted with varying shades of grey and blue.
After which came the dirtying down and drybrushing of course.

And the rest of the parts got something along the lines of the same deal.

And so came the laying on of the epoxy 'stay put ya bugger' gunk.
And a little bit of shoving about.

And like the last picture above but with the small block of 9 volts attached.

And me likey!

OK then, last bit for this page.
The arch wall has a short length of corridor coming off it.

The one to the right in this pic of the OOB build hold...

And looks like this inside.

All well and good for the OOB build, not so for the full on stuff.

This will be the least visible corridor part so good idea to test a few things while i'm at it.

So the top of the tube with the supplied wall padding fitted along with some
additional padding via Aves Apoxie Sculpt, my none too dainty fingers
and a toothpick for the gap lines.

The extremely crisp Paragrafix photo etch corridor deck set used here.
Removed from fret, trimmed and epoxied to the modified kit supplied deck plate.

Paint done as follows:
Primer, dark dirt wash and drybrush with Tamiya metallic grey.

Fitted with a strip of three warm white LED's,
same type as used in the wall top lighting thing and the deck screwed in to place.

Side padding added, wires soldered on and the very required lighting test.

Ok, now for the wall lighting sconces.
Now the ANH interior one is going for here has square grid like ones
rather than the round types from ESB onward.

As you can see in this screen cap.

So a bit of rough tape marking out.

Now I neglected to take pics but in sort order the procedure went as follows:
Much drilling carving and filing to get the squareish holes,
a bit of scribing on clear styrene for a grid,
paint with matt black and then sand leaving the black in the grooves.
Chop up clear sheet to required size and glue in.

Cut some very short bits of 2mm styrene rod and glue on, paint matt black.

Paint top corridor padding and match to the supplied stuff with a bit of dirtying up of course.

Lightbox for the wall sconces made up.
Now the lights in the ANH interior have a green colour but I just wanted
a slight green shade so the back of the box got some clear green applied
none to cleanly but not completely necessary to be so.

Corridor top and bottom glued together, then lightbox in place with two warm white 3mm LED's fitted up.
Padding to the circular bit added also.

So that fixed in, insulated joints and all wired up with the wall top lighting.

And tested of course.

Now for something that's required as the corridor is rather short.

Form certain angles, you can see it just ends and goes in to nothing.
Not good enough so some mylar coated styrene sheet glued to some fairly rigid 2mm clear sheet.

Protective film removed and plate installed proper.

The result takes us from this kinda view...

to this...

Slightly better, not perfect but better than an open hole methinks!

And that's the lot for now my friends.

More at a time yet to be arrived at.
Go easy out there you merry mob!

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