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Not hit rock bottom...

But it's The Pits!

Welcome back all!

Right then, in between the Refit pearlescent pandemonium, some more Falcon faffing about.

So to the pit issue, well taking all the parts required,
one got to work on the OOB and full on machinery pits for the top side.
Much supplied greeblies got slung at 'em and this is the end result in the raw plastic.

So the extra bits via greeblie bins in da Hellhole and some sliced up styrene sodding about.
OOB to the left, 'full on' to the right.

Paintwork kept simple as possible for simple folk like me.
Matt black enamel base,
drybrush in acrylic german grey,
more drybrush in lighter grey
with a last couple of coats in matt white.

Liquid latex masking fluid applied here and there as each coat went on.

'full on' to the left, OOB to the right.

Latex masking removed and some rust/dirt wash slung
about the place to finish them all off.

Same kinda deal perpetrated on the OOB belly pits.

OK, that lot sorted, on with the rest.

Now i'm up to issue 98 of my weekly bought copies from the local news place
at this time of scribbling so only two more to go,
which is rather nice.

Now the subscription is lagging a fair few issues behind, namely just waiting for the pack with issues 90,91,92 & 93 to arrive.
Which makes the final subscription pack arrival sometime in January 2017.

So with that in mind,
the OOB build is going to get done well in advance of the 'full on' build
and this is what one will be pushing ahead on.

With that in mind, it's mandible time methinks!

Parts pulled for the mandible pits, greeblies duly trimmed and shoved in as per the destructions.

The framework assembled and hull plates attached.
Pits screwed temporarily in to place and surface detail parts/pipe work
glued more or less where they should be.

So that dealt with, on to the base paint.

The pits were removed and bog standard rattle can auto primer grey got liberally sprayed on.
After curing, two coats of rattle can auto primer white applied.

This left them a kind of very pale grey/off white like finish
which is pretty much what one wanted so onward!

Side wall stuff to get sorted next and much the same as the above assembly and paint deal.

And many a greeblie was seen to get trimmed, shoved about where they should be and glued righteously.


So to the small area paint to take care of and replace that red bit I painted over on de mandible thing.

Masked ala tape and latex masking fluid.
Airbrushed some Vallejo Carmine red with just a touch of german grey mixed in.
Allowed full curing (for once) and removed masking.

A bit more scraping of paint with scalpel blade,
a slight touch over with some mega rough grit paper and it was a done thingy.

Next up, the shade/wash and make look grubby dept.

Some dark sea grey enamel wash liberally splashed on, a thinners loaded brush dabbed about,
Wiped over with micro fiber cloth slightly damped with the same thinners,
left to dry off and then some white drybrush dabbing for final highlights as it were.

Other sidewall parts and docking tube ends squirreled away for hopefully near future use.

Mandible pits painted in much the same fashion as the large pits
with a smidgen of rust/dirt wash dabbed here and there for goodly measure.

OK then, mandible assembly time.

in order: pits installed proper,
Headlight board screwed in to position,
finally the front light bit and side plates glued in to position.

The other mandible got pretty much the same treatment.

All bits secure so painted in the three grey areas that should be on the undersides,
Tamiya light grey surface primer and a bit of masking tape took care of that nicely.

So it be that time...time for the weathering thing.

Here i'm just going for the
'well used and more than a few light years between cleanups'
look, rather than
'the dirt is the only thing holding it together'
style that some seem to favor.

Now it has been said that the majority of the weathering on the VFX 32" Falcon was done by airbrush.
Never been much of a fan of that kinda thing, just seldom looks right to me.

Nothing against those that do like it, just a preference thing for yours truly.

So anyways, in with my usual of ground pastel chalk, dabbed on via brush and
sealed with rattle can applied Vallejo matt varnish.

The sidewalls got the same with some additional rust wash dabbed about the place.

And that's that bit sorted!
Or at least sorted to my satisfaction so they'll do.

More to come at a point i've yet to arrive at so i'll see thee then.
Take good care of yaselves out there and go easy gang.

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