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'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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Well one of 'em is getting close to finishing...

So Let's Get Stuck in!

Greetings one and all.

Right then, the top jaw box needed a little bit of a looking at and this info I should have posted sooner but sometimes ya just forget.
As I have done more than bloody once!

This bit with all the other stuff added, ultimately makes the removable section so you can see in to the hold area.

So from the top, the top jaw box 'as is' has none of the armor plating that the 5 footer has.
More than a bit of scraping and sanding about and one got started on that.

So OOB build to the left and the 'started to hack it about a bit' one to the right.

So new parts added/replaced/fiddled about with.

Now this bit has some raised blocks that go about here...

and on the real 32" VFX model, they look like this...

The supplied part looks like this...

And the same bit on the 5 footer looks like this...

With me so far?

So a bit of additional stuff required.
Some scribed and flat styrene sheet got sliced the hell up and glued on.

Looks like this with the stock piece to the bottom in the pics.

The detail plate that makes up the underside of said jaw box right at the front,
that got some greeblie attention...

So that lot, along with the rest of the supplied greeblies and some from the spares bin
got put together and given a liberal coat of primer.
The results as follows and presented as a sort of 'Theirs' and 'Mine' thing.

So to begin with, theirs.














So that all sorted, moving on!

Now then, up to issue 99 with the weekly buy from the local newsagent place at this time of furiously typed waffle.

And mucho thanks to Dave and Karen for getting
the issues in and keeping the distributor honest as possible!

So instead of waiting for the final part,
since I couldn't be bothered to,
I cast my peepers over the reference pics on me HD and stuck the last of the main pipe work and
so forth on the assembled top of the OOB Falcon.

And applied all the remaining greeblies to the engine deck as per issues 98 and 99 instructions...since I had them to hand
and just to let you know I do follow the instructions.

Sometimes anyway.

So, still some work to be done there but now for some underside action as it were.
Ok then, the underside got the same base paint treatment as the mandibles.

The landing lights were unscrewed from their position to save some masking grief and tape applied where
required to keep the paint overspray off things like switches, engine lights and the circuit board.

One coat of car primer grey ala rattlecan followed
by two somewhat hefty coats of car matt white primer.
That left overnight to settle down.

So to the panel paintwork.

Now to get this out of the way...
The panels are NOT absolutely correct to the 32" VFX miniature but I am not bothered about that in the least.

Much masking and the colours applied.
The grey panels are a combo of Tamiya fine surface primer and car grey primer.
Said grey car primer panels were given varying dust coats of white just to alter the shade a bit.

The yellowish areas were car filler primer and the red was an airbrush applied mix of
Vallejo carmine red with just a small touch of german grey mixed in.

And not forgetting the small detail bit which got some Vallejo sky blue brush applied.

Sorted there so on to the enamel dark sea grey wash.
Just one part paint to three parts thinners and slapped on...literally.
Once left to cure for a short time, in with the thinners soaked micro fiber cloth
and there was much rubbing down of nooks and crannies in the Hellhole.

The result...

Which will do just nicely ta muchly!

Now the studio model does seem to have lots of dashes and dots on it.
I believe these were done via fine marker/drafting pens and airbrush.

So I merrily chickened out of that kinda thing and got to it with the home brew dry rubdown decals.
Artwork printed and transferred to clear mylar with spray glue applied.

Simply put, slice out a strip, carefully start at one end, rub down and peel film off.

Repeat procedure and after about 20 mins and a few mouthfuls of coffee...

No, they are not completely correct in style or placement but close enough for me.
The mandibles also go a few sprinkled about.

And on to the weathering thing and there's plenty of it!

Going by the reference pics I have, the weathering was done on the VFX miniature with an airbrush.
Can't say why exactly but I never took to that kinda deal.
Tried it a few times and seen it on others work but I just do not like the look of it.

Out with the pastel chalks and lump of 600 grit wet and dry, used dry obviously.
Just made up small piles of powder in black, dark brown and mixed a couple of colours for an acceptable rust like colour.

All brush applied and since this is the underside, running from the outer edge to the inside.
On the flat surfaces, just a mashed in light dusting of black, brown and rust where required/what looked appropriate.

The back end was a done deal in short order.

The battle damage was done by painting the recessed pits with acrylic matt black.
Once dry, a heavy going over with black pastel powder to outline.
Then to the oil pastel sticks.

They kinda resemble crayons and one has a few packs in varying colours.

A black stick got used first, just some areas dotted with the black then lay on ya thumb,
press down and rub once in the required direction.
Repeat as required and finally touch over the edges lightly with both grey and white.

Does the trick so the streaking, mashing, dusting and smearing continued.
Once complete, the whole deal was given two coats of Vallejo acrylic matt varnish, rattle can applied.
Once cured, the OOB pits were installed proper.

And the final overall thing!

And one is quite happy with what one has.

Well the engine flaps to paint/glue where they should be and
onward with the rest of the silliness.
of which there will be quite a bit methinks.

That's the lot for now gang, you merry mob go easy out there now.

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