DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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Not the final frontier...wrong movie...

But The First Of The Final Bits
For The 'Out Of The Box' Build!

Oh yes!

Welcome back one and whoever else is reading this.
Right then, the OOB build final stages so to speak...
so let's be about it.

First off, all the engine flap thingies for top and bottom were pulled from hiding and
given the standard grey primer and two coats of white,
followed by a dab of the dark sea grey wash.

Engine flaps on a stick anyone?

So then came the wash cleanup and paintwork required to certain ones.

So to the antenna/rectenna/dish doobrie that sits on top.
Same standard grey/white coat affair and the very much needed dark sea grey wash whathaveyou.
A cleanup, the grey area paintwork and done!

With that kicked in to touch, the...well the magazine calls them the 'deflector emitters'
but i'll go with 'the box things that go on the front'.

Because that's how one rolls.

Same paint/wash deal

A few small bits to sort and sorted they were.

The landing gear was an easy deal but one thing that did bother me was the
moulding on the upturned basket like parts so decided to introduce them to a scalpel and file.
The 'fiddled about with' one to the left, 'as is' to the right.

That will do the trick so did the same to the rest and assembled the lot.
After paintwork/wash and the usual's, we got this...

Yep, that'll do it.

The assembled top main section got pretty much the same paintwork/wash/decal/weather deal as the underside
then machinery pits all installed and sorted.

OK then, 'fore we go any further, the bottom bit got a decent coat of clear epoxy resin slapped on
to the inside just to give a final bit of strength and rigidity to the underside.
The same deal will be done to the top.

Oh, the docking tube ends got finished off with the dash
markings, some red areas and the battle damage spot by the way.

Also the engine flaps for the top side installed.

So then, more to come in the next update, which will get done soonest!
Go easy out there now gang.

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