13/04/15 Note To Readers! Pages 1 & 2 deal with the first test run but are being left here
for information purposes and do not fully relate to the proper build.
if it's that you are interested in then please proceed to Page 3 sharpish like.

DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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issues 3 & 4 in my hands...

And This is Where it All Comes To A Grinding Halt.

i'll get to that in a tick but first, welcome back gang!

Right, pleasantries done so onward.
issue three and this be it...

A pack of parts and the magazine of course so parts first.
More hull plating.

Not too shabby.
The seats will need some work though.

Some detailing work required, especially on the black seats which are supposed to be greeblied up Martin Baker MK4's I think.
Something like that anyways.

The magazine, replete with the usual words and pics of course along with the assembly destructions for the parts in this issue.

The rectangular black box in this pic...

is the inset for the cockpit door by the way.
Thought i'd just mention that.

On to issue four now and much of the same sort of thing.

The usual magazine with some more metal parts and I do believe the last of the main cockpit parts,
or in this case, part as there's just one in the pack.

Mucho metal work with fixing plates and two bags, one of self tapping screws for fixing the hull plating to the frame.
The other threaded screws for putting more of the framework together.

The magazine of course, same format, lotsa waffle and pics with the destructions for nailing bits together at the back.

So the current standing is four issues and that's where this one stops indefinitely.
A letter was sent with the fourth issue and a scan of said communication is below.

So then, that's all the info I have right now.
There was an insert card in issue four that stated if one was still interested in collecting the issue when it restarts,
Note it did say 'when' and not 'if', then fill it out and send it of, when it's back they will send issue 5 free of charge.

Speaking of charge, I have not been charged a single penny at this time for stuff sent so we'll see what occurs there troops and troopettes.

As a final thing, I opened the parts pack on the first two issues for a bit of a close look see and here's what we have...
The gun turret is a good indicator of what's going on with the parts methinks.

First up it's moulded in a very light buff with just a straight wash over the top so no grief in the repaint dept.

Also as mentioned on a site or two that the turret sides are at 90 degrees.
Well mea culpa in that I thought so as well to but, not so it would seem.

Looking at the inside does not give any clues as to whether there will be and interior.
if it goes ahead there will be a supplied one or i'll supply one myself so it'll be there either way.

A closer looksee at the first part of hull plating received.

Overall, the level of detailing is not that bad.
Accurate? not really but certainly a base to go from in my humble opinion.
More on that if we get a go on this someday.
Lastly, the quad laser gun parts in my none to dainty mitt.

i'll say it again here, far from perfect or accurate, but it's a place to start.

No idea, despite the wording used by DeAgostini as to whether it will actually go again or not but one can hope.
Anything to that effect will wind up on the next update page and onward from there.

Until then, you merry mob go easy out there now!

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