DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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I could say I love it when a plan comes together,

But Will Love it More if This Thing Goes Together.

And that's what we're here for! least I am and i'll assume you are too so let's get stuck in.

Ok, first up are the gun turret interiors.
So short story even shorter, parts assembled and painted.
The gun well sides and fascia just done in Tamiya fine primer grey ala rattlecan.

Stickers placed more or less where they should be,
some extras as i'll not be using those for the full on build
got sliced up and added because why the hell not.

Seat setup just assembled, sprayed with matt black and dry brushed with Vallejo dark sea grey.
A spot of silver here and there to finish.

All parts glued and screwed together as per the destructions with stock LED's fitted!

So on to the gun turret windows.

A departure from the OOB thing here, as, well...
The glazing for the gun turrets got well kicked out as it's just not that good to be honest.
Like so in the top.

Way too thick and heavy on the moulding.
So some 5thou" clear sheet styrene got sliced up and installed.

Done and with a dab of paint, the lower turret fitted where it should be.
LED plugged in and tested again just to make sure.

How much of that you are even going to be able to see
one the guns are fitted is debatable but there ya have it.

Now the cockpit cone is another deal.
The first supplied one and it's replacement look like this...

Pardon he rear ring part on the 'new' one,
that was just to stop it continually falling apart while I took the pics.

The replacement has a somewhat more correct taper to the framing as it runs to the front
but still wondering what the deal is with the curved bit on the rear framing...

it is not like that in any way I can see on the VFX model.

Ah well, kinda make the best of a bad deal here without too much sodding about
so a small amount of sorting out required.

Yeah I know that it's not completely 'out of the box' build specs but
sometimes things kinda rankle me and this does so it got sorted.

A small amount of Aves Apoxie sculpt to make a straight edge on the inside of the frame and the outside filed down to match.
Or at least close to it but it will do and added the grey/white paintwork.

Then came the usual paint, wash and pastel treatment, some black dash and dot work
with some thin clear styrene glazing fitted in to finish.

So that problem given a good seeing to, on to the interior fitting out.

The parts for the OOB interior pulled from their hiding place
and the supplied brackets fitted as they should be.

The interior set in to place.


A small bit of work with the hot glue gun each end of the
strips to make sure the engine LED's and wiring stay put.

Then line the bottom and side gaps between the block and framing
with some foil tape on thin card to keep the light where it should be.

Engine flaps for the underside fitted.

Next bit for the bottom,
some small magnets fitted to assist the landing gear to stay put
when it comes to the put it on or take off off for display preferences.
The holes in each corner of the gear bay recesses made a little bit bigger
to stop anything sticking and making life difficult.

Done and done so onward to the next page with thee!

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