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Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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Things are looking up...

But A Bit Of Waffle To Get Done First!

Greetings all!

First off, got an email from the powers that be at DeAgostini and the severely abridged version of which is this:


Welcome to Build the Millennium Falcon!
We are writing to inform you that Build the Millennium Falcon will resume publication nationally on the 31st December 2014.

As a previous subscriber to Build the Millennium Falcon we would like to let you know personally of this great news!
We have made some improvements to the products since you took out your subscription,
which has involved in a change in the order in which the issues and model parts are published.
As such, we will send you issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 again at no charge.
We also agreed to send you a free issue 5 and so your first 5 issues will be free.
Your subscription will then be charged from issue 6 onwards.

Subscription information
if you wish to resume your subscription to Build the Millennium Falcon, you'll never have to worry about missing an issue.
Your issue 1 and 2 will be sent to you shortly, followed by issues 3 and 4 in your next delivery.
Thereafter, you will be sent 4 issues every month in one delivery. You can resume your subscription by phoning the order line on ************ and quoting code ******

* Much Waffle And Free Gift Hoo-Ha*

We're sure you will enjoy collecting the Build the Millennium Falcon, and we're delighted to welcome you on board as a subscriber.

DeAgostini Publishing UK Ltd

So the bottom line, this appears be a go after all!

Good news for me and others I suspect but before I wrap this waffle up and get to the point up, a few things to note if one
would be so kind as to read on:

Word from DeAgostini is that the re-start of this gig is currently only for the UK, ireland and South Africa.

Nope I don't know why it's just those places.

Despite asking, I could get no firm word on when or if it would be rolled out to other parts of the planet.
I know a fair few of my fellow pounders in plastic in the USA and elsewhere are rather interested to get their
collective mitts on this one for certain and I don't blame 'em.

On the subject of other parts of the world interested in grabbing this series, some emailing me as though their lives depended on it,
i'll say only this...

I WiLL NOT be ordering extra copies and posting them to countries outside of the UK.
Please stop asking me as the in box is getting a bit cramped and I can only answer so many emails a day.
Also there are only so many ways I can politely refuse requests before I have to start getting this across in words of uncomplimentary meaning.

Nothing personal but it's going to be quite enough to be tied to this for two years
without the extra responsibility and potential hassle/cost in time and money/worry of shipping them overseas.

Please understand, i'm just a model maker, not a distribution service for DeAgostini.
I neither want nor need that extra grief no matter how much you may
offer me for my time and trouble.
Even though some already have, the answer is still no.

Please respect this request so I don't just delete your email rather than go through
the same old answer.

Normally, if someone takes the time and trouble to email me, i'll respond ASAP but even my patience/tolerance has it's limits.

I thank you in advance whoever you are.

So a couple of weeks down the line and the issues have started appearing
on newsstands and the like so one grabbed a couple of issue 1's before mine arrive for various reasons
but mainly to update this page properly at long last.
So let's get to it...

First MAGazine and parts pack.

The waffle inside is pretty much the same,
only truly noticeable difference is the parts assembly destructions.

Likewise the lack of change for the series guide but that's no big deal.

And I promise that's the last time i'll be taking a pic of every page
unless it's something of worth.
I doubt that will happen but there you have it.

First big paperwork change, the fold out full size plan of the Falcon.
The original issue looked like this...

The new issue looks like this...

Way better and a lot more accurate from what I can tell.
To directly compare...

Methinks that says it all there.
Also the reverse has some info on it, namely the frame layouts for top and bottom,
main hull plate and removable panels likewise.

So a fair bit of pertinent info for what's to come.
Especially for me as it now gives me a hint of what to modify to make this one
in to a 'A New Hope' Falcon, which is the version I want to build rather than a
'The Empire Strikes Back/Return Of The Jedi' Falcon which this is supposed to be.
Yeah I know but I just like the ANH version without the extra gear pods on the forward belly.

So what's changed in the new issue?
Well to begin with, the new cockpit deck, rear wall and sticker parts as supplied...

A comparison between the new and old.
New at the top of the picture, old at the bottom.

New deck and center panel at the left, old issue at the right.

New quad laser parts to the left, old to the right.

While fiddling with the parts, I found that the gun barrels were just a push-fit item.

Now, whether that's how they meant to do them or they should be glued in or the like I can't say.
There's nothing in the MAGazine waffle about that but it's not a big deal.
I say that because that will make removing the fine casting seam lines so much easier
so one up for my side and i'm bloody well taking it!

So parts of both assembled, new to the left, old to the right and
I personally think it's easy to spot which is the better article.

So that's a done deal there,
I bought two copies of the first issue by the way to have a set
of quad lasers for the Hasbro Falcon but that's another story.
The same with using the cockpit parts to modify for the same Hasbro Falcon...
Which is another story again...
Onward with the hull plating part comparison.
The part as is...

And the side by side, new to the left, old to the right.

No it's nothing to do with lens distortion, the original issue part is smaller.

Now the new one is better and sharper detailed for a start. Closer to the 'real thing' if you will.

A rough example, the real 32" Falcon, note the red box area.

The enlarged area in the red box.

And the new issue part I do got.

So while not positively 100% accurate, it's a hell of a lot closer than it was with the original issue part.
Now back to the size thing for a sec.
New and old parts together.

Yep the original part is way smaller, ironically enough it's about on the nail size for the Hasbro Hero Series Falcon.
There's weird for ya!.

The metal framing original issue parts are likewise smaller.

So the bottom line is that the original issue bits are of little to no use for the new issue
so anyone considering keeping their first issues and not getting the start of the new to save a couple of quid, I wouldn't if I were you.
But then that's just my advice for whatever it's worth.

Ok then, so it all looks rosy for now and bodes well for what's coming up.
All of which will be revealed here as we go along,
though I suspect mine won't be the only blog so there will be much to choose from out there.

That's the lot for this update so you merry mob go easy out there now, catch thee next time around the Hellhole.

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