DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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One step closer...

And it's Looking Good!

What ho people!
Well now, second new issue in my grubby mitts by way of a local newsagent so let us have that look see.
Usual batch of pic and waffle packed MAGazine and pile o' parts.

So the card packing carefully ripped off the blister pack and we have the top laser cannon turret,
two more bits of hull framing, framing connecting plates and screws,
front dash for the cockpit and sticker,
the holographic game table with sticker
and the will come in very handy screwdriver.

A closer look at the turret.

And the new/old comparison shot.

The holographic table looks just slightly different to the old issue.
in the second pic, new to the left, old to the right.

The front cockpit dash likewise changed a bit.

As usual, new left and old right

The join plate and screw pack.

The framing parts cleanly threaded where they need to be.

Now back to the gun turret for a close compare shot and a suspicion or two of what's to come.
now the plating is cleaner and notched where it more or less should be.
Here's the real 32" Falcon for example...

And the part from the Falcon to be seems to be a lot closer than the first attempt.
Panels being painted and the pitting/hole daMAGe being nicely replicated.
Though I think it will all look much better after a repaint but that for muuuuuuuch later.

Now my first suspicion.
I think we may possibly be getting turret interiors and the reverse side of their blueprint poster
from issue 1 shows that a turret ladder well is there with the interior detail so happy days if that's the case.
I only say this when comparing the old and new parts on the inside.
Like so, new left, old right.

in the new part, the turret window is clear of obstruction.
Make what you will of that.

My second suspicion concerns the part where the quad cannon will sit.
Comparing new to old again.

Now note where the red lines are pointing in the next pic.

You will notice on the old there are detail parts moulded on, on the new there are just slots and holes.
I noticed the same on the turret edge where I expected to see raised detail going by the pics but there are only slots there.
The real deal...

The DeAgostini part...

So here's my second suspicion.
True, one could say they have made an error
but errors that well placed are unlikely in my humble opinion.
it's my less than educated guess that at some point in the future,
we are going to get greeblie packs for these and I strongly suspect other places on this bad motor scooter.
if this is the case then most excellent!

That's the lot for now gang.
Word has it that i'll be receiving my issues 2 & 3 in the next delivery
then 4 & 5 after that.
Once we hit issue 5 then some construction will start, after which i'll be holding
untill I get my four issues each month.
So doing an update once per month covering said issues will be the order of things
untill completion unless something comes up in between on this.

Untill next time, you merry mob go easy out there now!

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