DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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More bits and bobs...

With A Hiccup Or Two Methinks!

Right then, back again with the third issue which arrived this day.
So let's get straight to it gang!

MAGazine and parts pack.

Yeah I know I said i'd never take pics of the MAGazine interior again but the
artwork of the Falcon cockpit rear wall is quite nice so...

Ok then, parts pack has another bit of hull plating, control yokes, seats, cockpit door and sticker for same.

The two front seats are rather nicely done and a hell of an improvement to the first issue bits.

The rear seats also amended slightly to include the arms and now proper size.

Now I know these aren't correct to the full size cockpit set but as DeAgostini have said,
it's working off the 32" Studio model and the Master Replicas Falcon to give us this one.
The rear seats are pretty close to the MR one.
Like so...

And that is pic of Steve Dymszo's Falcon so make what one will of that.
in this case, one up to DeAgostini.

The door piece now with it's sticker.

And as expected, changed from the first issue.

Now having a closed door like this indicates that there will be no
interior between the door and the rest of the corridor as indicated
on the plans on the back of the issue 1 fold out sheet.

And that will not be the way with my build if I have any bloody say in the matter!

The control yoke parts are cast in metal and quite nice they are too.

The hull plating part is nice and crisp.

However, here is where DeAgostini get's a solid mark down.
I noticed this earlier but wanted to wait untill this issue to show it.

Here's the new and first issue parts, new left and old right.

Now look at the same pic and the red shaded areas.

With me so far?
Now you will notice the notching out of the edges of the plating on the top edge of the sloped sides on the old issue.
This is pretty much correct to how it should be.
Example below of the real deal 32" Falcon.

And to back that up, another pic of Mr Dymzso's one.

So as you can see, for some reason on the old to the right, but not on the new to the left.

Now granted, the nibbing is missing along the bottom line of the plates as well.
This I strongly suspect is due to the moulding process where
undercuts like that would make removal of parts extremely difficult so fair enough.
Why top edges have been changed to this from the first issue,
I know not but maybe something the powers that be may have to keep in mind.

Could be a moulding/tooling issue perhaps? we may never know for sure.

is it a deal breaker?
Well that depends on the modeler/maniac putting it together.

There could be some folks who will swear off this model for just those faults.
They know the Falcon and want a replica they should not have to alter involving some potentially
serious work where you can't make any mistakes and screw up the part
as replacements may be a very difficult to impossible thing to come by.

Some want it to be as close to the MR one as it should be without extra and possibly unnecessary work and I for one can appreciate that.

There may be those who just want a big assed Falcon model without the expense of a Master Replicas one
for way less money and a few more features and be happy with it.
Fair play to 'em!

Much of a problem to me?, well having been at this lark for more than a couple of decades,
I have the gear which will make this a fairly easy job so no, not really.

Others possibly not so and I understand that.

it, like a possible multitude of other details, will get dealt with in as goodly a fashion as I can muster.

The result of which will be seen after issue 5 get's here and one get's the hell to it.

But that's it for now gang, more to come when issues 4 and 5 land
on my doorstep and we get in to it proper with what we have.

Take care 'till then all!

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