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DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing Fighter
1/18th Scale

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Another two years, another part work...and for what?

A Bloody Big X-Wing Fighter Is What!

Greetings one and all!
Okedoke, let's get this out of the way first...

This is only a four issue test run.

I say this and will mention it again as we go along so nothing you see
vis the parts supplied will probably bear relation to the proper build parts when and if it happens.
I'm just sticking this lot up as a sort of opener of sorts.

So let's get to it...

The first two issues arrived at my door this day and this is what we have.
Magazine, fold out blueprint, series guide and pack-o-parts.

Now the magazine has the usual waffle that interests me not at all.

Apart from the all important assembly destructions.

And the what's next back page.

Oh, and the always present insert with the subscription details and what not.

The fold out series guide with much info on what this may turn out to be like.

The first free gift of a set of 8 Rogue One 3D coasters.

Make of those what you will.

And now a slightly closer look at the proposed features.

Now I have used the words 'may turn out to be like' and 'proposed features' above and truth be told,
I can and am a cynical old git at times but for those
who have been down the DeAgo Build The Millennium Falcon route,
I think we've all learned to not to take these at face value.

Or at least take it with a pound or so of salt depending on your viewpoint.

More on that in just a tick, let's have a look see at the blueprint.

And with stick of inches laid on.

Now then, as noted this is just a test run and as such, nothing to be taken literally.

Some of the things that came with the DeAgo Falcon opening blurb in the series guide DID NOT happen as advertised.

I can only speak for myself when I say that it's a dead issue
and some folks can and will disagree,
but to sort of paraphrase a certain robed fella with the force powers...

"Be mindful of this my young padawan but do not let it cloud your judgment."

Bottom line is that i'm only going to know when the run proper starts to happen.
Then all will become clear but I have to say,
methinks and hopes that DeAgostini have learned from the moderate and at times,
well deserved arse roasting they got from many quarters over the Falcon so we'll see what occurs.

So to the first parts pack.
So a bit of cardboard ripping and plastic pulling later, we get this lot.

Now for a test run, these bits are not too shabby at all.
The moulding is crisp enough and paintwork not bad.
Far from perfect but then i'll never expect that so no disappointments.

The canopy is a simple clip together hinge job for the test parts.

So that one done, issue two and much of the same.

Again, parts nicely done.

Now the big metallic grey plate is a die cast metal lump and pre-painted.

All the above said, it's time for...

Thoughts, theories and general musings.
A lot of which is probably wrong.

Okedoke then people, i'll get my intentions out the way first.

Not I already have the Hasbro Hero Series X-Wing to work on and size wise they are not that much different.

So why go this route?
The simple answer is that the Hasbro one will take more man hours of work than this will, seriously.

Granted it's a good place to start but all the scratch building,
3D printing and so on takes time and effort that I will
invest if the DeAgo X-Wing doesn't happen to go to a full run.

Gotta be honest, I seriously doubt that it won't happen.

A note on the supplied blueprint, put very little stock in that as far as accuracy goes.
The one for the DeAgo Falcon changed heavily and for the better when the run started proper.

Now to say it again, this is a test run so there will be some inaccuracies and/or parts not matching
with what's known about the VFX models,
which is a great deal to put it mildly and full size X-Wings for 'A New Hope'.
And yes, I am talking only about the original 1977 movie,
not the remastered and CGI in places fest that
we later got once Lucas had fiddled about with.

A good example here is the test run canopy and the one, I am assuming prototype model in the publicity pics.
Front of the part below...

And the pics from the paperwork...

The kick up at the front of the main canopy frame is not there on the part.
Just a theory but like the Falcon, the test parts bear only partial relation to what will come in the run proper.

As some on the message boards have noted,
they believe that it isn't necessary to have a 100 issue run.
On the face of it, I can see where their thinking comes from
but consider the following my friends...

It states in the supplied blurb that all four of the laser cannons will heave internal detail.
Not just one, all bloody four.

Why? who knows but that's what it says.

The metal plate in the second parts pack is another example.
This is listed as 'Cockpit Base'.

It's a cast metal lump with ribbing detail and what appears to be
four screw mounting holes in it.

Now if this is what the cockpit mounts on, why the ribbing and why paint it?

Add to this, issue three states that 'Cockpit Frames' will be supplied.
The red outlines ones in the pic below.

And in issue 4, some more cockpit frames.

Now I don't know about you, but the frames in issue 3 are rather detailed bits
and it's questionable as to whether they will be seen or not.

Normally, I'd reckon not but this leads me to think the internal detail of the cannons
is not the only internal detail we are going to get in this model.

If that is not the case then I can find myself in agreement with
those who think this doesn't warrant a full 100 issue run.

If there is going to be more than yep, 100 issues is going to be required.

Now there is way, WAY more unknown about this beastie and all I can do is show what
I have and do a lot of Zen modeling (thinking about it) rather than digging in
to any assembly lark.

On that note, it do say in the blurb that no glue will be required so snap and screw together parts appears to be the order of the day.

If it follows the same pattern as the Falcon, this will cut off at issue 4 and a longish break untill the run begins proper.
I'm reckoning somewhere late 2017 to early 2018 or there about's but that's a guess.

Currently though, no charge being made for these two issues.

And if all else fails, i'll wind up with a nice little R2D2 model
and a set of coasters for very little effort or cost so there's that.

So that's all for now.
Possibly questions may be answered when the next two issues arrive, maybe not and
suddenly more questions will come along with them.
And I for one will not be surprised if that happens, take care all!

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