DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing Partwork
1/18th Scale

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Just the facts...

Or Just The Bits I'm Modifying.

Whatho one and all!
Ok, some 2 & 1/2 years ago now, I started collecting this as it makes up in to a rather large X-Wing fighter.

Almost immediately, someone called dibs on the finished build so that was the start.

To business then, there are many Blogs/Vlogs out there on the ins and outs of building this so not bothering to present those gory details here.
So with that in mind, the first steps done a long time ago in a workshop not to far from where i'm sitting...

Beginning with the top wings and the engines needed a look at.More specifically the eventual owner asked for removable panels so engine detailing was required.

This is it built as stock.

Ok at a glance but more required.
And the more got piled on.

The cover needed some holes knocked in it so this lot could at least be seen.
New covers also made up.

The rear inset got some greeblage done unto it.

Insides also seen to.

A lick of paint and dirt wash didn't do any harm.

Top covering in place and time for a looksee.

At this point, I had enough parts to assemble three wings so got stuck in.

The laser cannons got a small mod done unto them.
The supplied fiberoptic was, quite frankly, rubbish so got binned and some 2mm sheathed FO got bought in.

This was cut to length and set in to a piece of aluminium tube that fitted over the supplied LED.

Brighter, neater, all good.

Engine light test as well.

The other top wing got the same treatment engine wise.

Hit a bit of a break at this point as deliveries came to a grinding halt for various reasons.
It would start again in a few months.

But that'll do it for page 1, away to page 2 with thee!

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