Northstar/DeBoer Enterprise Refit
1/260th Scale

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Been a while...

But It Be Back!

Welcome back one and all!

Rightyho then, Since getting me new 3D printer,
i've been able to have a good fiddle about and things are a lookin' up

The Planetary Sensor Array test print came out very nice.
Just a quick clean and blast over with primer.

So with that in mind, went to work on the deflector mesh once more.
A tiddly bit of tinkering and to the printer they went!

Minor clean up here and there to get the support material stubs
off of where they were in the way.

Dry fit faffing about.

Clear printed dish pretty crisp so all good.

Dry fit look see.

Now the fit is not brilliant and have to say that is mainly because how not
terribly squared up and not quite round the secondary hull is at the join line
but i'll just have to do my best and Aves Apoxie Sculpt will most certainly got a look in on that!

So that sorted as much as i'm willing to do,
some saucer shenanigans in the offing!

For a start, time to separate the secondary hull from said saucer,
out with the mallet and chisel...

I'm not kidding about that either.

Now the joint is supposed to have at least a couple of threaded bolts
holding the saucer on, no such luck here.
Just glue and putty so a few sharp blows and off it came.
The joint is a bit of a mess...

Worse still, it was badly ms-aligned.
In the pic, the pencil line is drawn front to rear of the saucer along the grid line.

So that was that.

And the sanding got started.

And the re scribing of grind lines where required.
And it was certainly required.

Now the saucer edge conundrum.
There's no grid lines around the side as there should be.
Example pics below.
The real deal top then this thing.

You get the general idea.
Onward to page 4 for the solution and other silliness!

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