Northstar/DeBoer Enterprise Refit
1/260th Scale

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My old Dad always said that a coat of paint hides a multitude of sins...

In This Case,
Some Lumps Of Printed Resin Will Do.

Ah there you are!, right then...

As noted in pages past, the saucer is just too deep by my eyes and measurements.
I have decided to drop the height by 3mm or there abouts.
This will mean the saucer top will over hang and all sorts of fun.

The polygon punching program got fired up and me a bit likewise.

Not too bad if I do say so meself.
And I just did so onward!

Put an inner lip in where the saucer top will rest at level to.

Did up several of them to make up the saucer edge.

This gave me a start so three were printed out.

Some double sided tape assisted tack fitting for a look see.

The pencil dash in the picture below indicates about how much
is going to have to be chopped off all round.

So that sorta sorted and some final mesh mucking about got done.

I'll need 4 of the top one and 1 each of the rest.

They have been set with holes in each end to take
1.6mm brass wire to ensure they line up

Holes cut for potential impulse drive lighting.

Oh, those tiny little rectangular holes you can see are channels for
lighting the maneuvering thrusters should it be needed.

I just put them in all of the parts and i'll fill the ones not required when
it comes to putting the facia parts where they should go.

So then, parts proper off the printer, cleaned up
and brass wire at the ready so away we go.

That's the standard facias, got the next lot out.
Also printed two of the airlocks.
Only need one but a spare is always a decent idea.

Ring parts all glued together as much as they need be so some tinkering with the bottom saucer edge.
That little bundle of fun is on page 5 so off ya trot now
and i'll see ya all there!

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