Northstar/DeBoer Enterprise Refit
1/260th Scale

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Time to get saucy...

With A Bit Of Saucer Slicing!

Well you got here quick!
Let's be getting to it then.

So as said before, saucer too deep so a lump to come off.
Breaking out the precision manual marking attachment to my Raytheon branded 'Turd Polisher 3000'
measuring didst take place and the line was drawn.

Then in with a hacksaw blade and the job was done.

Some more marking and slicing required to get rid of some stuff so the
windows on the saucer edge can eventually be lit up.

Ring parts assembled.

And a dry test fit was in order.

All is as pretty much righteous as it's going to get so onward!

Surfaces on the saucer roughed up and a fair amount of epoxy resin got brought in to play.
A coat of neat stuff brushed on and then a little bit of colloidal silica added to thicken it up.

This dabbed where required and bits brought together.
Laid face down on MDF blocks to keep it all level and honest then left to settle down
for about 6 hrs and once a decent gel stage reached,
more thickened resin to fill in.

So much sanding to be done but during the meantime...

Using the same mesh bits i'd used to make the virtual windows,
these got fiddled about with and printed in clear.

One lot for the saucer facia's.

And one lot for the rest of the ship.

So the facia's had set all nice and solid, test fit for the saucer top.

A lip had been built in to the facia's for this and combined with the cut edge on the bottom saucer,
this makes a decent bit for the top to rest on.

Yep, that'll about do it.

Tried out the printed Planetary Sensor Array for fit and not too bad.

Just a few tiny tweaks and it'll be sorted.

Now it ain't going to be a perfect fit and here's why.

Looking at the saucer bottom, it looks ok but something just seemed a little off.
A scrap strip of MDF with one straight edge finally showed what it was.

Not exactly all level and sweet in the middle.

This is just how things are with this kit and fixing it would be a major headache.
A simple putty skim and sand just ain't gonna cut it here
so after a talk with the man, decided to just leave it.

Once the Planetary Sensor Array is on and as long as no-one with decent eyes
looks at it head on for extended periods then it ain't going to notice.

That's the lot for now, more next update time!
You merry mob go easy out there now.

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