Northstar/DeBoer Enterprise Refit
1/260th Scale

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Not a tiptoe through the tulips...

But There Is A Bit of Gardening To Do.

Whatho gang!

Right then me lads and lasses, the Arboretum thingy to be addressed.
These are the supplied bits and while not too terrible,
better is required methinks.

Outward and onward with the polygon punching thing and the basis was done.

All that faffing about got transferred to the printer,
it go left alone to do it's thing.
The result...

And so to the paint and decorate thing.
Started with making up a few figures,
some for now and lots for later.

Then to the main event.
By the numbers paintwork with some scenic materials thrown in.

The grass scatter is probably a tad long for scale but one uses what one can get.

The flower beds are just tiny bits of coloured foam.
The trees were 16/02 hook up wire, stripped, one end soldered, the rest spread for the branches
painted, sprayed with scenic glue and shoved in a pot of mixed scenic stuff.

Holes drilled and trees planted.

The pond thing.
Did a layer of clear resin, painted a couple of fish, repeated and a top layer to finish off.

Now the pond deal was a tad over the top detail wise and most likely not going to be completely visible
once it's all fitted and what have you but to be honest, it still amused the hell outta me so good enough
and the pics will be here so deffo all good.

And now,
the lighting thing!

A decal made up for the cloudy sky, slapped on to a piece of 1mm thick clear and placed.

Oh and a small decal to represent a screen, done and shoved where it should be.

Top lighting via LED back light modules.
Just a single LED in a strip of plastic with a reflector backing.

Four fitted, wired, resistored for 12v, light blocked and sorted.

These are not mega bright and for my money, put out just the right amount.

Methinks i'm going to call that a win so onward!

Now time to turn ones attention to the bridge dome.

Verily, some virtual mayhem did happen.

And a printing we did go.

Supplied one to the left, mine to the right.

Airlock bit.

A lick of primer for a looksee and some kinda in place shots.

Yep, one will be going with that!

And that be the lot for this piccie packed update,
More to come as and when so you merry mob go easy out there now.

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