Eaglemoss 'Ready Player One' Delorean
1/8th Scale

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The iconic 80's movie time machine!

But i'm Doing Something A Bit Different...Because Why Not.

Greetings gang!
Decided to go ahead with this one and it's just a personal build.
I have issues 1 & 2 in my mitts so time to start the build log.

Now there are a multitude of build logs on the net and more than a few on YouTube of this beast
so i'll not be doing a step by step as more than a few things are going to get changed for this one.

So why am I getting in to this one you may ask?

Well to be honest when I first saw this, I thought 'Nice and in big scale!'
which appealed but not enough to pony up the cashy monies for it
so it didn't really grab me but that changed after recently seeing a movie.

This one...

For those of you who have seen the film, you already get what i'm going for here.

For those who haven't, here's the deal...

Yep, no pristine and clean piece of work going on there.
Now granted, if I were to take the easy way out, it's just a change of licence plate...

But since when have I ever done the easy way out?
Yeah, I know but making a rod for me own back is kind of a habit...

So there are a fair few cosmetic changes required, for one, the front grille.
The model as supplied, comes with the 'DMC' marking on said grille as it should be.
Like so...

But the one from the movie has a 'Knight Rider' style scanner thing in it.

The time circuits in the interior will have to be altered a bit.
This pic from the Eaglemoss site and I think it's the prototype so it does look a bit rough to be honest.

I believe the production ones are much better in the look but I haven't got that far yet.
Anyway, the readouts for time and date will be altered to the how it looks in the movie.
Again like so...

I had a little think about the license plate and came up with something after having a play about with this site...

Acme Licence Plate Maker

So did one up straight off and saved the result...

Now this was close but for me, not close enough to the movie version.

So a bit of fiddling about with a font and some pixel pushing around, got me this.

Methinks that will about do it.

As a last gasp bit for this page, did a quick test print of the licence plate
and a dry fit jam together of the rear lights and housing.

A smidgen of polygon punching later...

This got shuffled off to Shapeways and they came through just nicely!

Clean up, some white primer/dark blue/dark grey/grey wash paint and a couple of DiY waterslide decals later...with just a dab of Microsol plastered on,
a look see and dry fit test out as one does.

Well...it's a start!

So to other intentions/changes/maniacal plans in store for this...

Well the outside is going to get a serious going over with the scrape/dent/dirt/bullet
damage and most of that will be present.

There are more than a few mods out there for this model right now and I will be getting a few of them.

Namely a replacement flux capacitor i've seen on Shapeways which will fit the bill.
Also on the list are replacement seats done in resin and they look much better than the stock ones.

Carpets for the floor pan interior as well are available so they will be had.
Also out there are about 3 decal sets at this time of typing for sprucing up the interior.

The wheels on the Eaglemoss one do flip down ala 'Hover Mode' but they are just held in place
by magnets with a single hinge so you flip them down by hand.

Not the best solution but that's not going to happen with my one anyway.
They will be in permanent road style as they are going to get the
wiring for power run through them in to the base.

As far as switches are concerned, they are fitted to the model as part of the interior
as stock but i'll be remounting on the base so I don't have to stick my
damn fingers in the model to operate the light up stuff once she is done.

Anything else that comes to mind will get looked at to see if it's even possible as I go along.

Now this is a 130 or so issue/2 year thing I believe so nothing is going to happen in a hurry.
When it does, updates will get posted.

Until then, you merry mob go easy out there.

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