Halcyon Aliens Dropship
1/72nd Scale

Page 6, cleaning up
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The usual nonsense...

Take Some Off, Put Some Back, Add More...

And a hearty welcome back to the hellhole one and all!
Well now, Just a short update with another waiting in the wings.
So let's be about it.
First up we got the outer weapons pods to take care of.
The lumps that sit on the fold out arm doohickeys sticking out to each side.
This screen shot shows what i'm on about...

And the bits supplied in the kit are like so...

Well it's a start.

if you ignore most of the generally incorrect bits of the kit part.

in a manner of speaking as one thing to note here about the white missiles in the pods.
The above screenie shows a 4x4 set up and the kit parts are a 5X4 thing.
No idea why but what the hell.
So setting about the kit pods with saw and likewise sharp implements, bits got removed.

So the resulting areas of fresh air had to be lined in as a proper load of missiles will be fitted.
After some plasticard application, a spit of putty and much wet and dry grit paper lark, we get this.

Ok so sorted and repeated on the other pod, on to the next bit.
So there are some small detail parts that go on the pods.
They look a bit like this.

Well a tad of scribing and a bit of fiddling with yields some improvement there.
This was done and bits attached then on to the start of the missile racking...
Oh lordy.
The uprights to sort first so this was done.

So while all that was curing glue wise, time to address the arms these things sit on.
A simple enough deal in just covering the open areas with some thin plasticard.
Looks a tad better than just leaving them open.
Also they seem to be solid looking from what pics I have seen of the 'real thing' for want of a better term.

That'll about do for them.
Some more assembly and putty laying on for the main bit of the beast.
Lots of putty as it happens.

Just trust me when I say them gaps is wide!
This lot will take a while to clean down.
So as a final part to this page, let's yak about weapons.
Now the kit supplies some.
Here's the bigger missiles.

The words 'not terribly impressed' pretty much say it.
Well seeing as I have to come up with 32 to fit in the pods, may as well do some nice ones for the rest of it...
Just never ends i'm telling ya.
So some resin, plasticard and metal later we get these wee beastie's.

And a lick of primer later...

And they got introduced to some rubber.
Which in turn was shown some resin and the inevitable casting hoo-ha did ensue.
More on that when it comes to the painting and fitting.
That's the lot for now though.
Next update fairly soon so see thee then people.
Go easy all!

Page 6, cleaning up
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