Halcyon Aliens Dropship
1/72nd Scale

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Bits, bobs, odds, sods...

And Above Average Buggering About

Welcome back people!
I trust we are all well and with it gang?

Rightyho then, last time the large weapons pods were being dealt with and the result of that is as follows:

And of course, a lick of primer to see how it's all going.

Not looking too bad so onward!
At this point in time, the tail fins were hacked off the sprue and given a going over with some 600 grit.

So back to the main bulk and much filling in, smoothing down and likewise lunacy did occur.
The larger tail fins were attached and some more filling in and making smooth.
Some plasticard was added to fill in the unwanted holes in the fuselage...
And there were a few of 'em!

The canopy was masked off and putty applied to give it some form of framework relief than just scribed lines.
The fit was a bit poor anyway so this was an unwanted but necessary measure as filler was going to be required.
Just to make it look a bit better and banish the step between green and clear plastic.
Also the forward engine intakes were fitted at this time.

Bit better than it was.
So the other parts to be attached got sorted out.
The vertical thrust nozzle thingies and the engine exhaust plate doohickeys.
Onward from there was the two smaller tail planes.

Then on with the weapon pods and arms with some additional bits to make it look like a rolling hinge and add some strength to the joint.

Now it's starting to look like a Dropship...well kind of anyway.

So last bits to attach.
The middle plate for the forward weapons bays and the rear airbrake plates.

Aaaaaand a quick lighting check to finish.

And all's well at this point.
That's all for this update but next time...
APC ramp, landing gear, priming, painting and assorted pandemonium.

Oh yes!!

Go easy out there me modelling muckas!

Page 6, cleaning up
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