Halcyon Aliens Dropship
1/72nd Scale

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Not a leg to stand on...

But I Found Three in A Box.

Howdo all!.
Right then, time to make this thing stand on it's own feet.
Three of 'em to be exact.
Assembly was not without it's minor hiccups, namely the location of the rear leg.
Not too clear on where and how it fits but did me best.
Also added an extra strut as there's a bit more weight being carried than usual.
Also if the die cast APC is placed on it, the weight goes up a fair bit so better safe than sorry.
The front leg location was less of a hassle.
So parts cleaned up and fitted.

After which the foot pads located, assembled and some goodly glue used.

And so the final bits attached, masking done and the rather necessary primer coat.

So the next bit, sorting the ramp thingy.
Now I had already decided to replace the ramp hydraulic jacks with metal parts.
After a small amount of messing about, it was done.

Holes were drilled in the ramp to accept one end, plastic scrap blocks glued to the bottom of the fuselage drilled likewise.
The ramp was given a paint job and fitted into position with the new jacks glued to the ramp.
Left alone for the glue to fully cure then ramp removed put aside.

Not quite touching the ground so a tiny adjustment required.
And that'll be attended to when it comes to fitting the ramp proper.

And thus the paintwork did commence.
Starting with the APC bay, a going over with some mid-green grey.

As a working up in colour thing, started by a liberal going over with graphite powder in the nooks and crannies.
That shading done, a quick airbrush of some acrylic matt varnish.
Then working up in lighter green applied drybrush fashion.

And a quick adjustment of the white balance settings on the camera to make it appear the colour it should look like.
One day i'll get with the program.
Not today it would seem.

Finally some diffuse plastic discs cut and placed where the lighting is supposed to be.

And the standard lighting looksee.

Doing okedoke so far.
A couple of slightly out of alignment bits to sort and some surface defects to take care of.
But we be a getting there.

Well that's all for this update while I carry on the airbrush action with the rest of the beastie.
More on that next time so you lot go easy out there now.

Page 6, cleaning up
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