Halcyon Aliens Dropship
1/72nd Scale

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All a bit drab...

Olive Drab That is.

Greetings gang and welcome back to this round of fun, sun and suffering in the hellhole.
Rightyho then, time for the olive drab routine.
This particular one being acrylic Tamiya XF-74 to be precise.
Well gotta be precise about something at some point.
That was that point so onward mit der airbrush routine.

That pretty much sorted so in with the grey areas and once dry, the gloss coating for der decal thing.

So all readied up for the decaling dept. to take a go at it.
Now these are fairly old decals but the sheet seemed in good condition.
Problem is though that with some of them, namely the white and red stripe ones,
the film covers the whole thing so some trimming required after application.
Well to clean up the decal and get shot of the white residue muck that came off with the decal after soaking.

The decals were applied with copious amounts of microsol decal softener.
After about 5 mins, the larger clear areas inside the white and red outline shapes were removed.
All done with a fresh scalpel blade.
And some deft blade work by the deft jerk on the other end of the scalpel handle.
All in all, it finally worked out as ok as it was going to get.

Then a dab or several of blackwash in the panel lines to pick them out a bit.
Followed by a maniac modeler trying to get the best angles to photograph this.
While avoiding the reflective glare to try and make the damn things show up!

And this was just left the hell alone to dry before the inevitable matt varnishing and weathering started.
Missiles anyone?

Well that's it for now.
I strongly suspect the next update to be in a few days from now but we'll see how we go.
Until then, you lot go easy and i'll see thee back here soon for the next round of silliness.

Captain Slog...Additonal...

Summer being here means that paint dries real quick.
As it would happen, today has been nice, sunny and warm...
Yeah, we do get 'em in England on occasion ya know...
The first coat of varnish went on lovely.
Like so.

Page 6, cleaning up
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