Halcyon Aliens Dropship
1/72nd Scale

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Just a bit of a cleanup...

And Then A Dirty Down For The Hell Of it.

Greetings troops and troopettes!
Well a smidgen of a piccie packed update for you this day.
So decals and varnish coat all good so time to sort the final paintwork details on the Dropship itself.
Started with a bit of drybrushing of a lighter green and grey variety to punch up the lines so to speak.

So that done and done.
Next up, some weathering of a dark streak sort.
Considering this thing is supposed to do the atmosphere entry bit,
I would have thought the nose would be near carbonised.
But that wouldn't really fit with the deal so just some blackened streaking will fit the bill hereabouts.
Once done, all sealed with some more airbrush applied varnish.

So once all settled, time to remove the masking off the forward lights and take a look at what we do got.

Like it.
So then came the removal of the canopy masking and a quick run over with the Bare Metal plastic polish.

Yeah, that about works.
Ok so last of the painting thing to be dealt with.
The landing gear was given a coat of dark metallic grey.
According to the destructions, it's supposed to be gunmetal.
All well and good but I decided to go just a bit lighter to show it off as it's really quite nice all things considered.
The gear was given a blackwash treatment then a goodly drybrushing in metallic grey.
Lastly, some silver on certain bits and sorted.

Just one last bit of paint slinging to do on the large weapons pods.

Done and done.
Well just the ramp left to attach.
The rams were painted in dark metallic grey and silver.
So mixing up some epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk and the ramp was put where it should be and told to behave it's bloody self.

Last but by no means least, a dab of Tamiya clear red and green to the small lights on the forward weapons pods.

Well that's the bulk of the Dropship build done and dusted so time for a look round proper.

Okedoke then.
All's about well so far, next jobs in order:
APC sort out and light up.
Hadleys Hope landing grid base and the optional stand for the Dropship off the deck.
Fit the missiles and it's done deal.
At least I hope so.

More on that and related silliness next update!
Until then, you merry lot go easy now.

Page 6, cleaning up
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