Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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This story starts, as these often do with...

Another One Of Them 'This Seems Like A Good Idea.'

Whatho gang!

Been doing bits here and there where I can so here's the WIP log so far...
Ok, basic inspiration for this turnout was a screen cap from an old playthrough of the Fallout 4 video game.
Here's the screen shot in question...

So working on that premise, one kinda got to work.
Idea being for that kind of emplacement atop one of the bastions of Fort Independence.
Known as 'The Castle' in the game.

A rough plan layout was drawn up and this be it.

So the base alone should come out about 24" wide by 21" depth and a height of about 3" or so.
That's 610mm by 533mm by about 76mm for the metrically inclined.

Now upping the detail was the thing here and going for somewhere in between game and real world size for the bastion top.
So first things first and I apologise for the not quite WIP pics of the following but
it was done before it occurred to me to take pics.

Such is life.

The observation post that will be to one side of the gun pit.
Italeri OP kit with some scratch/bash and 3D printed additions.

The tower itself was just a straight build and paint affair.
The rest of the stuff lobbed in by me and not bad for a couple of days effort here and there.

Paintwork was pretty much all Vallejo acrylics.
Has the look I was going for so all good.
Height of the tower alone is a smidge over 7 & 1/2" or 192mm

Figure was a mash of 3 different figure parts I had laying about.
Gave him an M-16 with wood furniture to emulate the 'Service Rifle' from Fallout New Vegas.

Minuteman blue fatigues of course with salvaged 'Pre-Great War' webbing harness and 10mm pistol added.

Now it wouldn't be Fallout without a computer terminal and ham radio.
Meshes lifted from the game archive, reworked, printed and painted.

A holotape was made up to go on top and and one of them ubiquitous blue plastic bin full of them is just under the desk.

Chair also a game mesh redone for printing.

Roof has a game mesh power connector, antenna bases for the radios a modified one.

Plenty of rust and dirt streaking,
just wouldn't be Fallout with out it.

So on to other details...

The gun pit surround stones.
Much 3D printing later and a pile of 'em was got.
They look like this.

Now a bit of roughing up required so printed, attacked with some 180 grit paper, a small wire brush and then cured.

A few had some cracks scribed in and just to maybe give it a bit of realism so to speak,
a few have rainwater drainage grates in them.

So all sorted.

Another ring of lower height stones planned to go with these but more on that later.

Away to page 2 for the next round of hoo-ha!

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